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I am totally with you Sayid/NuJacob(?): WHAT HAPPENED?

what the EFF is going on here?

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 Last night’s episode is what astrophysicists like to call a doozy (technical term). In Season 5, LOST”s own dearly departed physicist Daniel Faraday told us, “Whatever happened, happened,” but later (after a trip to the U of M) changed his mind, declaring “I had spent so much time focused on the constants, THATIFORGOTABOUTTHEVARIABLES.”

 (Side note: how I wish I could textually convey Jeremy Davies’ breathy and hushed, yet authoritative tone in delivering that line! his voice is like a TWISTER. Get it? Twister? Jeremy Davies? Bill Paxton? Well, anyway…)

 And, lo and behold, both of Dr. Twitchy’s theories came true last night. Both. BOTH. BOTH?!?!??!??!

I had to admit that I was thrown for a loop(hole) when Jack and Rose’s copy-and-paste plane conversation was followed by Kate, in a tree, post-bomb, in 2009. Being in a room chock full of LOST fans (minus the drunk fool and his lady friend who kept swaying into my space and yelling “who’s THAT?” every five seconds), the shock and confusion in the air was palpable: it’s a reboot AND also NOT a reboot? And suddenly, we went from flashing back, to flashing forward to flashing sideways.

 But whatever you do, don’t call them “alternate realities.” In an interview released last night with EW’s Doc Jeff Jensen, Damon Lindelof said:

“And we don’t use the phrase ‘alternate reality,’ because to call one of them an ‘alternate reality’ is to infer that one of them isn’t real, or one of them is real and the other is the alternate to being real.”

 I’m okay with the term parallel realities; although I will admit that I am hesitant to believe that both are going to stick. Inevitably these storylines will crash into each other and a reconciliation of both will have to occur.

 Although let me point out that I am not altogether satisfied with either of these realities. Let’s discuss them separately, and then, in an exercise that the season itself will attempt to do, attempt to reconcile them, or, at least, see how they might be reconciled.


 It was sort of thrilling to see the white screen gradually turn into clouds; which gradually parted to reveal a plane; the plane that was Oceanic Flight 815; which landed safely in LAX. Jack and Rose reverse roles, with the cancer patient (is she still? She and Bernard DDS seemed pretty happy together) comforting the drinking Doc instead of vice versa. From this moment, we knew: we’re not in the same reality anymore.

Other differences:

  • Jack has one less vodka bottle on him
  • Hurley is lucky instead of “cursed”, which begs the question: did he still play the numbers? And if so, was that by coincidence or were they released into the world some other way than through the DI.
  • Boone is present, while Shannon is absent. Boone’s attempt to get Shannon back to the US failed and he returns alone. Frogurt is also seated between him and Locke, who has a meaningful-to-us exchange with his former pseudo-apprentice. I liked their relationship, so it was good to see it again. A friend of mine suggested that Locke and Boone are very similar—trying to do the right thing but failing over and over. Thoughts?
  • Charlie (CHAHLIE!) almost dies, apparently from a suicide attempt, but Dr. Fix It came in and saved him. I particularly was attuned to Jack’s asking for a pen, as that is what Jack asked Boone for when, after the 815 crash,  Boone inquired how he could help a woman he was doing incorrect CPR on.
  • No Michael or Waaaaaaaaaaaaalt!
  • Desmond appears, although I’m thinking this was a vision. Desmond’s disappearing act seems to suggest that there may be a link in the consciousness between these two realities. And because it’s Desmond, I tend to think this hint is valid, as the hot Scott himself had gone through some consciousness shifting in “The Constant.” Could this be the thread that connects the parallel realities? And will out characters be able to jump between them. I would also like to bring up, in this vein, Jack’s mysterious gash on his neck, Charlie’s insistence that he “was supposed to die”  and…
  • Christian’s body going missing. Oh wait, that’s the same. I’m curious to know whether Oceanic lost the whole thing or just the body and if they do find the coffin if the body will be in it.

These are all that readily come to mind, although I am sure there’s more. Feel free to post in the comments, and when I rewatch the episode from the comfort of my own couch, I will look for more differences.

As a whole the reboot scenario seemed to emphasize two points:

  1. Detonating the bomb did not bring them back to life as they knew it. That past-changing act caused many other things in their lives to shift. I’m interested to see the ramifications of that. See the ComiCon video where the crime Kate has committed is slightly different.
  2. They are all inevitably drawn to each other; fate is still at work among this group of people. I particularly enjoyed the interactions between Sawyer and Kate. I wanted them to run off together as outlaws. Yet, in the 2009 timeline I detest Kate and Sawyer together – she and Jack deserve each other. Oh, nostalgia for Season 1…



I have to admit that I haven’t completely warmed up to this reality yet. The thought of the reboot unnerved me at first, as the characters have gone through so much in these seasons that we deserve to have these experiences pay off to us as viewers.

 I did appreciate the seething rage that Sawyer felt at Jack, Sawyer choosing Juliet, Kate choosing Jack (when she sees J and S’ bodies in the grass, she goes to the doc first), another (cruelly!) heart-wrenching final moment between Sawyer and Juliet.

 And yet, we’ve lost Locke; and I’m fearing Sayid might be next. Although I would consider Jack the “main character” of the show, right behind him is John Locke, with many episodes dedicated to exploring his character and his backstory. His journey has been integral to the progression of the show: are we to believe that it ends with Ben strangling the life out of him on a dirty motel floor, thinking “Why is this happening?” I think that would be so so wrong and completely out of line with the show’s tone. Don’t get me wrong, I am ALL ABOUT THE JACOB-MIB STRUGGLE –  and Locke is an interesting candidate to inhabit re: Ben, the Others, etc. Yet, I’m hoping that a knowledgeable (meaning aware of the journey of the 5 seasons so far), strong Locke will emerge from the rubble and claim whatever redemption he can by season’s end.

On to Sayid: one of the most prevalent theories been thrown out there right now on the interwebs is that the Sayid that awakened at the end of the episode is the new Jacob Incarnate. This theory would posit that Jacob sent the dying Sayid to the temple knowing that whatever the Others would do there would lead to Jacob getting a new body. There was all that super-obvious religious symbolism with the re-baptizing in the (dirty) water and the emerging dead with his arms stretched out à la crucifixion and then the rising from the dead. Here’s the thing: I DON’T WANT SAYID TO GO AWAY! Like Locke, I believe there is more that has to be settled with him than “I am a bad man, I killed many people, nothing can be done for me now.” To that I say: boo! Hiss! I need me more Real!Sayid, not NuJacob!Sayid or even Reboot!Sayid.

Other notable points:

  • Only those who were touched by Jacob were present at the guitar case/ankh-breaking/Jacob’s-note-reading scene. Another one of Jacob’s lists emerges.
  • The new Japanese guy is kind of annoying. There were a few weird Mr. Miyagi references (bonsai). Apparently, one of my sources says his Japanese is terrible. I guess you’ll try anything when you don’t like “the taste of English on [your] tongue.”
  • “I’m sorry you had to see me like that” and “Let’s not resort to name calling” were two of the best lines of the night. Can Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson get an Emmy for “Best Duo Ever”?
  • “I am very disappointed in all of you.” I am very intrigued in the role of the MIB in this season. He claims he wants to “go home” but where is home for a shape-shifting demi-god? Is the Island his own personal prison so he doesn’t destroy the world? I have the impression so far that he is sick and tired of dealing with these squabbling human peons proving man is evil on the island. He doesn’t feel like playing with his goody-goody brother Jacob and wants to break out and have some fun already. He’s tried protecting the island, but now he’s had enough of the whole thing. Maybe.



 I’m thinking that the idea of consciousness time-travel brought up in “The Constant” may be at play here, with members from both timelines getting new “memories” (as in “Whatever Happened, Happened”) as the eventual fates start to collide. Growing awareness of what is occurring in a parallel timeline will ead to a choice: the island or the real world?

Juliet seemed to be aware of the possibility of the parallel timeline when she told Sawyer through Miles that, “It worked” and Miles seemed very disturbed when he heard that news. Maybe he got a glimpse into this alternate reality? They (you know, “they”) say that before death one has an increased consciousness of things that the living cannot see. Doc Jensen brought up the point in one of his columns that in primitive days, man used to consider himself to possess certain psychic abilities, a clairvoyance of things to come. Perhaps in the jungle, one’s latent ability to sense time and the future, a strange déjà vu will emerge uniting two separate strings.

 Much to ponder, especially RA in chains. Happy FINAL SEASON, EVERYONE!!!! More comments to follow…