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are you ready to go home? HELL YES.

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hi there LOSTies,

apologies for the delay in the post. sometimes real life so rudely interrupts LOST life, ignorant of the importance of our island destinies. speaking of how life blows, how about the bare minimum that our dear sawyer sauce has been stripped down to? of all the 815-ers, he’s the least concerned with the island’s mythology; when jack and co. decide to stay at the temple and putz around with doo-gen and his “mysterious” green pill of death, sawyer decides to go AWOL, back to the most real thing he’s experienced on this godforsaken rock, the house he shared with juliet. his outright rejection of the island’s mystery is in exact opposition to locke, who believed it was his destiny to go to the island.

yet now it is locke, but actually not really locke, who is now leading sawyer on a vision quest of sorts, trying to make a believer out of him. yet, it is important to note this locke is an impostor, even picking up locke’s props (the machete) and saying his lines (to the mystery jacob/aaron/?? child: “don’t tell me what i can’t do!”)

PS who is this SOB?

step off, fake locke bitch

step off, biotch

casting wants us to think it’s mini-jacob — have jake and the mib known each other since childhood? — but LOST is known to be deliberately misleading. my first thought after jacob was that it  was perhaps aaron, projecting himself into the future as “taller ghost waaaaaaaalt” once did. but there are also whisperings among the fan community that there is a third party who keeps jacob and the MIB in line. now, srsly, i don’t think we need a third dude. we already have enough characters to deal with, without introducing YET ANOTHER powerful/leader force. we had jack then ben then widmore then jacob. it is an interesting concept that there might be a neutral force keeping these positive andnegative nodes balanced, but i’m just not that into it.

there is, of course, much to talk about with the “writing on the wall”, which contains names from littleton to goodspeed to linus. Here is a link to the thread on the Fuselage, which is the most comprehensive and contains the links to screencaps. i also thought it would be valuable to copy the transcript from that final key scene, the kind of scene that gave me those old familiar LOST chills. i’m curious about these three options, as well as the degree of truthfulness that Flocke is currently operating with. my read: he’s totally faking. but, as I said previously, LOST tends to mislead us, and there may be some truth inside his equivocation.

what i do believe is that this cave is not jacob’s, but the mib’s. notice the angry, rapid way in which the names seemto be scrawled. we saw in “the incident” that jacob is methodical, patient. he makes his own thread and weaves tapestries with egyptian dudes for god sakes! to me, it seems awfully like a hit list. and mib is knocking them off one by one:

SAWYER: Who wrote all this?

LOCKE: His name was Jacob.

SAWYER: Was Jacob?

LOCKE: He died yesterday.

SAWYER: You don’t seem to upset about it?

LOCKE: I’m not.

SAWYER: Why are all the names crossed out?

LOCKE: There not all crossed out.

SAWYER: “Shephard”. That Jack Shephard?

LOCKE: He’s not the only one.

SAWYER: Reyes. That’s Hugo, right? What’s the eight about?

LOCKE: Jacob had a thing for numbers. Sixteen, Jarrah. Forty-Two, Kwon; I don’t know if its Sun or if its Jin. And here, four, Locke. I think we both know him. Last but not least, number 15, Ford. That would be you.

SAWYER: Why would he write my name on this wall? I never even met the guy.

LOCKE: Oh no, I’m sure you did meet Jacob. At some point in your life, James, probably when you were young and miserable and vulnerable. He came to you, he manipulated you, pulled your strings like you were a puppet. And as a result, choices you thought were made, were never really choices at all. He was pushing you, James. Pushing you.. to the island.

SAWYER: Why the hell would he do that?

LOCKE: Because, you’re a candidate.

SAWYER: Candidate for what?

LOCKE: He thought he was the protector of this place. And you, James, have been nominated to take that job.

SAWYER: And what does that mean?

LOCKE: It means you have three choices. First, you can do nothing and see how all this plays out. And possibly, your name will get crossed out. Second option. You can accept the job. Become the new Jacob. And protect the island.

SAWYER: Protect it from what?

LOCKE: From nothing, James. That’s the joke, there is nothing to protect it from, its just a damn island. And it will be perfectly fine without Jacob or you, or any of the other people; whose lives he wasted.

SAWYER: You said there were three choices?

LOCKE: The third choice, James, is that we just go. We just get the hell off this island. We never look back.

SAWYER: How do we do that?

LOCKE: Together. So what do you say, James? Are you ready to go home?

SAWYER: Hell yes.

PS I’d also like to point out an interesting thread on our favorite mystery lady with elegant scarves and a penchant for pendulums, eloise hawking, who, in 316, declared that john needed to go to the island “as a substitute.” HOW DID SHE KNOW??? DOES SHE WORK FOR MIB? CAN I GET ONE OF THOSE SCARVES?

father-son bonding

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Holy Geronimo Jackson, last night was a screencapper’s dream. Many things to analyze – including the writing on the wall – but as a first teaser, I’d like to point out this bad boy:

just the two of us

In “The Substitute”, we heard Helen mention inviting John’s dad to the Vegas shotgun wedding she suggested. Now, I don’t think John would be inviting the man who stole his kidney and then pushed him out an eight-story window to his nuptials, so in the sideways world, we can assume that they might be pals. And by the looks of the screencap above, they are so bffl-y that they may take father-son trips to Scotland together.

 So if Anthony Cooper didn’t cause Locke to be paralyzed, how did he get in that chair?

sneak peeks: the substitute

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I have to confess that I am not in the best of moods today, LOST fans. Between coming off a three day weekend, dealing with the blustery snow and a general feeling of curmudgeonliness, I have a sickness… and the only cure is a new episode of LOST.

Tonight’s episode is called “The Substitute” and appears to be Locke-centric. Substitute is an interesting word to be bringing up in this stage, as Flocke is now a substitute for real Locke; Sayid may be the substitute for Jacob; Claire is subbing for Rousseau; one reality is substituting for another. All the characters are subbing for themselves in the reboot, and it seems more and more like they will become more aware of their roles as substitutes vs. the real deal selves that are still on the island. Just a theory.

In any case, I do have the two sneak peeks embedded below for your enjoyment.

It’s personal:

First the plane, then the raft, then the copter…

Also, Helen (Katey Sagal), Locke’s ex-lovah, will be appearing on tonight’s episode as well as Rose and someone whose character is named “Lynn Karnoff.” Scratch that, Lostpedia tells me that Lynn Karnoff is: “a woman who poses as a fortune-teller in the Season 3 episode Tricia Tanaka Is Dead.” She was the one who initially told Hurley that his curse could be lifted, but after Hurley offers her $10,000 for the truth, she admits that his dad put him up to it. Wonder where she will fit in…