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the package: sneak peeks

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Yes, the title of tonight’s episode is called… The Package.

Sadly, it is not a Sawyer-centric epiosde. (Obligatory “package” joke complete!)

From the sneak peeks embedded below, it appears to be a Sun and Jin episode (at last!). Will they finally be reunited after three years of separation? Probably not. This show just doesn’t want these two together. Fortunately, we will see the return of Douchey Jin in the Sideways world.

I don’t feel anything…

I do whatever your father tells me.

But in VERY EXCITING NEWS, there are some sizzling guest stars tonight! Not only is Mr. Fried Eggs himself, Martin Keamy, coming back, but a certain long-lost Russian love of mine is as well…

hey baby... it's been a while


Other guest stars (in order of how much I am anticipating seeing them): Widmore, Cesar, Omar, Desk Clerk, Zoe

Happy LOST-ing!

ps happy now, RON?!

pps link to CTV trailer with more Lockey bits

ooh baby, baby

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last night’s episode, “the package”, a character-focused episode which brought back some fan favorites for their final (?) curtain calls, was a nice counterpoint to last week’s mythology-centric “ab aeterno.” it just goes to show that good things come in small packages.

and by that, i mean the babies of LOST. how is it possible that every baby-ish human that has appeared on LOST has been the most adorable creature to walk the earth?! they must have a warehouse for them or something, because they keep pumping them out! as jin looked through the photos of toddler ji yeon last night, i couldn’t help but squeal. she’s like a korean suri cruise! look at her adorable poses!  i wanted to take her home and put her in my pocket and carry her around with me always.


no offense or anything, baby walt. you’re still my number one love.

always and forever

oh, and you too, little charlie hume. you can tie with ji yeon.

charlie hume is the perfect name for a dickens character

which reminds me of the sudden appearance of the hot scot himself. CALLED IT! happy to see you back, brotha. i just hope this doesn’t mean that bad things are in store for my des. the over-the-top, bagpipe-heavy promo* — amazing grace? seriously? — seemed to suggest that someone is checking out of castaway island. if they kill des, my heart will be broken. forever.

 *can i also mention that i also loved the promo for these reasons?

and can i say i am totally into this babe as well?

such a delicious cad that you almost forgot he shot alex point blank in the head

 i’ll make you eggs anytime, sweetheart.

EDIT: a colleague has also brought this to my attention:

attention brought, biceps