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rocket science?

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so… abc has decided to launch a weekly web series called “lost: untangled” to keep everyone up-to-date with what’s going on.

but this isn’t a normal recap. it is the episode reenacted by… ACTION FIGURES/ACTION-FIGURE-SIZED CUTOUTS OF THE CHARACTERS.

ummmm… it’s pretty hilarious. i think maybe cutout ben is my favorite. “can i have a candy?

the essential thing is that which is not visible to the eyes

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in tenth grade, my fourth period french class spent three months reading the 78 pages of antoine st.exupery’s “the little prince.” although after three months we did not actually finish the book (i did that on my own), our teacherfriend mrs. brescia kept bringing us back to the message of the book. you know, beyond the grammar. and though there are many parts of the book that i love, the line that pops into my mind immediately when i think of this book is:

“on ne voit bien qu’avec le coeur. l’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.”

one only sees with the heart. the essential thing is that which is not visible to the eye.


to be fair, this line is probably the most famous line from saint-exupery’s novella.  a line which the writers were probably very aware of when coming up with the title for this episode, but more on that in a bit.

interestingly enough, saint-exupery himself was, like the narrator, a pilot. on a journey from paris to singapore he and his partner crashed into the sahara desert, where they lived off of meager rations for five days before being rescued. a castaway, he was.

from the very opening of the show, LOST has been fixated on the eye. the very first image we see is jack’s eye, opening for the first time since being in the crash. we are immediately launched into the notion of point-of-view, which, as you know, lost takes in many directions though flashbacks, flashforwards, time-travel of the consciousness. the theme of the eye repeats throughout the show, as we are treated to close-up images of other characters’ eyes, including locke, claire, boone, aaron and “jacob” (whose eye appears as the banner image of this blog).

(a full list of “eye-shots” can be  found here:

there is, too, locke’s famous statement “i’ve looked into the eye of this island, and what i saw was beautiful.” what exactly locke saw is unclear at this point, but he identifies with the island as living; an entity which possesses an all-seeing, all-knowing eye. the “eye” too is tradtionally identified with clairvoyance, premonoition. there are “seers” who are able to predict destinies. interesting that the man obsessed with destiny worships the “eye” of the island; what he “sees” is beautiful.

and yet, what the little prince reference here might be pointing to, is the fact that our vision, that which we so rely upon to tell us what is “real” and what is not, can be extremely unreliable. the island is plagued with visions… or are they real? does kate see the horse in the jungle? does jack see his father christian shepherd? is the white rabbit they’re chasing really there? could be. could not be. a prime example of this is “taller ghost walt”; while this moment was humorous for those of us who know that the actor has aged significantly since his full-time run on the show, locke calls attention to the fact that walt appears to be older. is this walt projecting himself on the island from the future? is he really there? is locke just seeing him because he wants to see him?

(btw, if you want to see walt, check out his new hot pockets commercial. it’s hysterical)

the eye is a tricky thing. yet even ore tricky is the “i.” oh yes, i’m going there. during his conversion experience, locke looks into the “i” of the island: himself as the island; the role he sees for himself in the island; the potential for belonging. and for locke, a man who, before he got to the island, has been beaten so low, dragged to the depths of self-loathing, that is beautiful. on the island he is the most powerful, important version of himself. he is the philosopher-king.

“the little prince” values the inner eye/i above the physical eye. identity issues are crawling all over lost, this most recent episode being no exception. i won’t go into the whole “kate’s search for herself” in this post, mostly because, frankly, the off-island plot did not grab me much at all. yes, the plot was advanced, but the whole thing felt a little forced to me.

regardless, the title of this episode was conspicuous; with the reference to the eye here, the lost powers-that-be might also be giving us a cue with how to decipher the coming seasons. in the past, lost has emphasized “easter eggs”: secret images that can only be picked apart with a quality screencap. but as the show is reaching its end, we seem to be moving a way a bit from the nitty gritty and into the philosophy and greater mythology of the show. what is important here is not necessairly what we can see with our eyes.

… we havent actually seen jacob yet, have we?

food for thought. namaste.

even if it kills me

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sneak peek for tomorrow’s episode, “the little prince.”×04-The-Little-Prince-Sneak-Peek-2