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Destiny Calls… 6 Days

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on January 14, 2009 by eyeoftheisland

greetings lost-ites!

in lieu of creating the legendary LOST dossier (LOST-ier, if you will), i’ve decided to cull all of the important LOST info from all over the interwebs into this glorious blog. i know, how web 2.0 of me. expect to see my witty commentary, along with essential information from message boards, screencaps of note, opinion polls and photos doctored with ms paint.

any contributions from your end would be welcome — nay, encouraged — so keep your thoughts comin.’ shame we all have to be separated by land masses and time zones. however, as LOST informs us, “time” and “space” are relative terms.

forever your constant,

m. bamf pugh