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Heyyyyy LOST friends,

 I know. I know. Where was the post about Sundown, last week’s Sayid-centric episode? I would like to just blame it on a mountain of work (which I do), but, to be honest, I wasn’t all that inspired by the semi-non-sensical Team Smokey Recruitment Hour. Sayid’s waffling throughout the ep was confusing – does he want to be redeemed or has he given up? – not to mention the muddy rules regarding Smokey and where he may roam – so he can’t go into the temple when Doo-gen is around, but after sundown he can open up a can of whoopass on the Nation of Barefoot Wanderers (aka the Others)?

Obviously, we all want a little clarification of these “rules” everyone keeps talking about. Right now I’m thinking back to that “Book of Laws” that Richard presented Child Locke at his Dalai-Lama-type testing and wondering if they might be significant or just another red herring. And if Richard knows about the Book of Laws, he must be aware of the rules. Okay, really, can the Richard episode be now?

 Oh, it’s next week. Well, I can wait a liiiiiittle bit longer. But not much. Got that, Ricardo?

Other salient points from Sundown:

     Is Sayid ultimately a “bad guy”? I say no. The show has shown us that he has a desire to be good and doesn’t strive for evil, like someone like Ben does. Obviously there are many shades of gray in the “light/dark” divide, but my heart says Sayid fights on the side of good. But now that he’s taken care of Doo-gen and his Hippie Bitch (thanks for that by the way), it seems as if our fav Iraqi has given up on his good instincts and has surrendered to his baser ones. I thought Sayid was going to bite the dust in Sundown, and I have a feeling he’ll be one of the characters who doesn’t make it to the end alive.

     Claire has the crazy eye. The only thing that really excited me from Sundown was Rambo Claire’s crazy eye and her dirty looks towards Kate. There is a showdown coming with those two; I hope both make it out alive, but, as with Sayid, I think Claire is up on the chopping block. I think her Island character has gone way past the point of no return and will probably meet her demise shortly.

    Sayid and Nadia are never meant to be together. Sad face. She was the one who was keeping him “good” and maybe that’s not enough when you’re being measured on the island scale. You have to be good all by yourself, not just when you’re lady love is around. Then again, LOST seems to tout that love is a redemptive force and that finding it makes people better (aka Sawyer). Still pretty sad that she’s with his dry-cleaning loser brother though.

      Keamy likes eggs. And is awesome. And I am glad we got to see him one more time. I think he may be still working for Widmore, as he did in the other reality, and Jin was supposed to bring the watch to Widmore. Which is way Sayid found him in a walk-in fridge. I’ll be glad to see gruffy ole Charles again, in any case.

 I’m sure there are other points, but, really, nothing is sticking with me. I’ll be posting sneak peeks for tonight’s episode, “Dr. Linus” shortly.

PS (from best week ever) :

sneak peeks: sundown

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as the sun itself goes down, i am finally getting around to posting the two sneak peeks for tonight’s episode, “sundown.” the promos abc’s been showing all week have teased us, saying most content in the ep is too explosive with so many ANSWERS, they can’t show us much more. i’m about to cry a bit of shenanigans here, but i’ll let the ep speak for itself.

tonight’s episode will focus on sayid (yay!) and will contain more info about doo-gen (more like BOO-gen). i would have thought sun might be the focus, the ep being named SUNdown and all, but, again i’ll let the ep speak for itself.

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