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happily ever after: sneak peeks

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Cue fog. Cue bagpipes. Cue Desmond episode.

 Tonight’s long-awaited return of the Hot Scot, “Happily Ever After”, airs tonight. While the title and the promo seem to be leading us to think our Unbuttoned Brotha may have a tragic fate, I am still holding on to the hope that Des and His Pennah (and the freaking adorable Lil Charlie Hume) have their own happy ending. But, as Eloise of the Scarves told him in “The Variable”, the island is not done with him yet.

 Around that time there was a theory bouncing around that Lil Charlie Hume was actually Lil Charles Widmore and that somehow he got transported to the past and is now taking revenge on his father. Trying to make sure Mummy and Daddy never stay together. To stop the suffering of his young self. This is an interesting theory, but an improbable one. I think at this point LOST is mostly done with time travel plots and moving on to more high-level fare. Then again, daddy issues are the name of the game, so anything’s possible.

 Regarless, the sneak peeks for “Happily Ever After” are embedded below. Spoiler alert: Desmond sports multiple hair styles in this ep. Must be a LOST rule that if you’re having a flash of some kind (whether it be of the back, forward or sideways varieties), one must have smooth, sleek hair in one of them.

I bet it’s a boy.

 I didn’t have a chance to explain.

 So I went to the imdb page to check the guest stars (as per usual) and was immediately assaulted by some spoiler-worthy photos. Shield your eyes if you don’t want to see such things (one tease: orange!). But if you do, I’ll include one after the jump.

 Notable guest stars: Daniel Faraday, Eloise Hawking, Pennah!, Chahlie and Mr. Short Circuit Himself, Minkowski. I am very excited about this group.

Lame guest stars: Zoe. Read her recent interview with nymag to see her try to be cool. But failing.

Questionable guest star: Someone named Simmons. Sounds familiar. Will have to do more research.

Happy Desmond Day! See you on twitter!

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the package: sneak peeks

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Yes, the title of tonight’s episode is called… The Package.

Sadly, it is not a Sawyer-centric epiosde. (Obligatory “package” joke complete!)

From the sneak peeks embedded below, it appears to be a Sun and Jin episode (at last!). Will they finally be reunited after three years of separation? Probably not. This show just doesn’t want these two together. Fortunately, we will see the return of Douchey Jin in the Sideways world.

I don’t feel anything…

I do whatever your father tells me.

But in VERY EXCITING NEWS, there are some sizzling guest stars tonight! Not only is Mr. Fried Eggs himself, Martin Keamy, coming back, but a certain long-lost Russian love of mine is as well…

hey baby... it's been a while


Other guest stars (in order of how much I am anticipating seeing them): Widmore, Cesar, Omar, Desk Clerk, Zoe

Happy LOST-ing!

ps happy now, RON?!

pps link to CTV trailer with more Lockey bits

i don’t even know my last name

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zuleikha robinson (ilana)  just gave an interview with new york magazine in which she discussed and then REVEALED her character’s last name. and it’s NOT rando. it someone you know. someone that makes me go hmmmm. revealation after the jump.

That’s true. We don’t even know her last name. Does she have one? Is she like Madonna?
I think she’s kind of like Madonna. The scene where I took Sayid to the airport and I flashed a badge, my name on it was … It wasn’t even Ilana, it was something else. I think it was Mary or something. But I don’t know what that is, it was obviously a made-up name because I don’t go by that in the show. But, yeah, no last name. Oh … That’s not true! That’s not true! That’s so not true, I just remembered … There is a last name and that comes in one of the other episodes.

Glad you remembered. Now it will be disappointing if it’s Smith or Jones.
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sneak peeks: sundown

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as the sun itself goes down, i am finally getting around to posting the two sneak peeks for tonight’s episode, “sundown.” the promos abc’s been showing all week have teased us, saying most content in the ep is too explosive with so many ANSWERS, they can’t show us much more. i’m about to cry a bit of shenanigans here, but i’ll let the ep speak for itself.

tonight’s episode will focus on sayid (yay!) and will contain more info about doo-gen (more like BOO-gen). i would have thought sun might be the focus, the ep being named SUNdown and all, but, again i’ll let the ep speak for itself.

inside every man there is good and there is evil

keep the change



it’s (almost) the most wonderful time of the year!!!

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Dear Beloved Citizens of Dharma-ville,

It has been many months since we last sat around the hatch computer and talked shop. LOST hiatuses are always brutal, and this one is perhaps the most brutal of all because we know what’s coming: the end. There will be 18 more episodes of LOST airing semi-consecutively on Tuesdays at 9PM starting on February 2nd, 2010. Significance of that date? WHY, IT’S GROUNDHOG DAY. And while I tend to believe that the LOST guys ran on the lucky side of coincidence, don’t you think it’s pure serendipitous bliss that the final season will begin on the day of reboots? The day of emerging from a hole and deciding if we will endure more darkness or get the chance to bask in the sun? The day that Bill Murray experienced over and over with the hellish Andi MacDowell?

And with exactly 50 more days to go until the yet-to-be-named episode airs, it’s time to dust off your suitcase of knives and review this summer’s LOST events.

  • ComiCon – San Diego. Darlton were not very forthcoming with too much information for the final season, but provided a choice few snippets of informatio”There’s a good chance you’ll be seeing many characters you haven’t seen since the first season again,” said Damon. This site gives a summary of events, while this site here has embedded links to the three teaser videos that seem to suggest an alternate universe is at work. A last minute appearance was made by Cha-lie himself, Dominic Monoghan, who had a mysterious question written on his hand: Am I Alive? My bets are no, sweetheart, but I’ll love to see your smiling face again in S6. Some HQ video of the entire panel can be found here. Did I also mention that they showed my favorite fan video of ALL TIME at ComiCon? Watch and enjoy.
  • – Also emerging out of ComiCon was Paul Scheer’s delightful velvet painting of Damon, Carlton and a Polar Bear. WAAAAANT. The site he shouted out to, developed into an interesting ARG (Alternate Reality Game) akin (but not equal) The LOST Experience. There have been clues left in cities around the world leading players to websites whose URLs are different quotes from the series: e.g. My beloved Baby Ben even gave the first clues.
  • Limited-Run Posters of Amazing Awesomeness – And out of THAT ARG came a series of posters made by some great artists that love LOST. I’ve posted a few of them below. Unfortunately, they are all sold out at the moment. However, if you are in the L.A. area, the posters are on display at the Gallery 1988 starting tomorrow night through December 24th. Residents of California, I am jealous of you.
  • LOST University – Paul Scheer was not the only one ready to launch a LOST ARG this summer. launched LOST University, where courses such as PHI 101: I’m LOST Therefore I Am and PHY 101 Introduction to the Physics of Time Travel are offered to real-life-knowledge-seeking LOSTies. Courses are taught by some UCLA and USC professors on LOST-related topics.  Apparently some videos were revealed, but once I heard LOST U was being exclusively offered through the Bluray DVD of Season 5 (elitists!) then I was kind of turned off. Luckily, the internet is a prime place to make exclusive content free sooner or later, so keep yours ears open on that front. In the meantime, here’s an interesting article from the LA Times about LOST University.
  • The following cast members have confirmed that they WILL be returning to the show in some capacity: Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet), Ian Somerhalder (Boone), Rebecca Mader (Charlotte), Dominic Monaghan (Charlie), Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond), and Katey Sagal (Helen). Julie Bowen (aka Jack’s ex-wife Sarah) has expressed interest in returning, but nothing from the producers on that. What’s that you ask? Why do you see Desmondo on the above list?
  • Desmond is being demoted to recurring character status while Nestor Carbonell (man of my dreams Richard Alpert) is promoted to series regular. This is a bit of a Sophie’s Choice for me as I’ve always carried a torch for The Man Who Loves His Pennah; however, my #3 MUST BE ANSWERED QUESTION is what is up with The Man Who Wears Eyeliner? If I don’t get a Richard flashback, I may have some sort of psychotic episode. Who’s with me?
  • The first three episode titles of Season 6 have been revealed: LA X (Episode 1); What Kate Does (Episode 2); The Substitute (Episode Three). The season premiere and finale episodes will be two hours each.
  • LOST’s Producers have decided not to show any imagery of Season 6 in any of their Marketing Materials. Instead, they’ve been showing seminal moments from past seasons. There’s currently such a video up on LOST’s show page on the ABC site. That being said, the image below was being displayed at ComiCon:

gang's all here

Notice Senor Locke’s back is turned to us. Notice the silhouettes of almost all the characters. Notice how I may pee my pants with excitement.

Because this is the last season and all, I’ve also decided to ramp things up re: the blog. I’ll still be posting night-of reactions and next-day analysis but I’ll also be live blogging episodes via Twitter. Check me out at I’ll be posting links and juicy tidbits that I come across and will be using Twitter to post my live comments during the episodes.

50 days people. Destiny calls!


notes from darlton interview on totally lost

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MORE teasers for tonight! doc jensen at ew posted his pre-thoughts for tonight’s finale as well as  a three-part interview with damon lindelof and carlton cuse. if you have a mo, i would suggest you watch the whole thing (packed with valuable info!), but if you need the essentials (as related to tonight) my notes are below.

quotes transcripted from the interview:

  • “Stating in the finale, learning what Ben really knows, versus what he is pretending to know.”

                         MY TAKE: is jacob real? is he an ethereal being? can you kill an ethereal being? is he LOCKE? (a theory i have had for quite some time). i think we will definitely learn WHO or WHAT jacob is tonight. PREDICTION #1.

  • “Vincent will be there to explain himself… and Rose and Bernard.”

                          MY TAKE: YESSSS! maybe vincent is jacob. ( maybe i just miss vincent. the producers have said that vincent will make it through the series. i wonder if he misses walt.

  • “We will know by the end of the finale what Locke’s intentions where and what his motives are.”

                           MY TAKE: we will find out why/how locke was resurrected and what that means. PREDICTION #2!

  • “More pieces to Locke-Ben dynamic.”

                           MY TAKE: as part of his path to redemption, ben will become the new richard and will serve as locke’s advisor. may the banter continue for eternity!

  • Cryptic teases:  1.“We’re going to see something very tall in this episode.” –Carlton

                           MY TAKE: the producers want you to think it’s the statue. so it obv cannot be. i predict this tall thing will be: a. a tall tale; some big huge lie or seemingly impossible event that will occur or b. a tall character of some sort. PREDICTION #3.

  • 2. “This episode is very touching.” (Knowing glance). “It’s a play on words. You think it’s going to be emotional, but it’s not going to be that kind of touching.” –Damon

                             MY TAKE: touching… locke will get to touch jacob. or someone will be required to set off the trigger of the bomb to make it go off. PREDICTION #4.

it’s a BIG DAY, FOLKS!

the incident: spoiler-ish scooplets

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okay, mes amis, le temps est venu: the finale of season 5 is tonight. in order to prepare yourself for the 2 hour (I just typed 12 hour – IMAGINE THAT!) finale that starts at 9PM tonight, i’ve gathered little tid-bits of information from reliable sources (no big spoilers, I promise!). if you want to be completely surprised, read no further; if you like to be teased (and I know you do), then keep on keepin’ on.


Sneak peeks and guest star list to come…

 From darlton:

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