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the candidate: they come, they fight, the die

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Okay, LOST fans, I have a confession. While I found the tragic death of Jin and Sun to be quite sad and all… I was not emotional. The first time we saw a LOST watery grave scene, the death of Chahlie, I weeped profusely. Many tears for my bloody rock god and the sacrifice he made. Normally, the water-logged demise of the finally-united lovers would have the same reaction. However, the Sideways world has ruined all emotional reaction for me. They’re not really dead; they still have each other and an in utero baby Ji Yeon and everything is going to be okay. Moments after the Titanic-y shot of their hands parting we saw a smiley Jin enter Sun’s hospital room with flowers.

never let go... until after the commercial break

Actually, the saddest moment of the episode for me was when Hurley broke down on the beach. Poor guy. His bffls just can’t catch a break. While Hurley was sobbing, I couldn’t help but remember the episode “Ji Yeon” where Sun and Hurley had their bonding moment by Jin’s grave. All right, maybe it is a bit emotional.

 Speaking of Ji Yeon… many people across the internets are buzzing about why Sun did not invoke her daughter when trying to get Jin to save himself. It did seem a bit conspicuous to me that neither of them mentioned her name in their final exchange. It seemed like maybe the writers didn’t know how to mention her without making Jin look like a total dick. However, I postulate this reasoning for leaving Ji Yeon out of it…

 When the freighter blew up in Season 4, and Sun thought her beloved had been blown to smithereens, it was wayyy intense. Much screaming, much trying to jump out of the chopper after him, much drama and sadness. There was also much desire for vengeance. From what we saw from the flash forwards, Sun’s life was consumed by getting revenge for the murder of her husband, which she blamed on Ben. She had a tremendous guilt – leaving him there and getting on the chopper. She took care of Ji Yeon, but the main purpose in her life was to pay justice to Jin. It was her obsession.

 When she heard that there was a possibility he was alive, Sun knew she had to go back. She didn’t hesitate over whether to leave Baby Suri… er…. Ji Yeon behind. She loved her baby girl, don’t get me wrong, but she wasn’t the number one priority in her life. Sun didn’t want that kind of life for Jin. She knew he would feel just as she had – that it was his fault, that he would forever carry around the guilt of leaving her to die alone. His soul mate, the woman who he had back for only a brief moment. She also didn’t want to saddle Ji Yeon with guilt either (a point brought up by Doc Jensen in his column on “The Candidate.”

 Ultimately, Sun didn’t want Jin to have to go through what she did. Whether this is the right decision or not is, of course, debatable. I think I am okay with it in the long run, but do see some faults with the decision (also the writing). But LOST tends to stay away from clear-cut “right” or “wrong” answers, so I think it rings true that their deaths are so controversial.

 Regarding the other fer real death… while I want to be sad that my beloved Sayid has gone the way of the Arzt/Ilana (explosives – 3; LOSTies – 0), I think we lost the real Sayid at the beginning of the season. Once he emerged from the Dirty Hot Tub of Doom, our resident Iraqi torturer has not been himself. A shell of the man we once knew. His story arc this season (and the entire series as well) has been about Sayid trying to forge his own identity, despite what people told him he was. In the end his death was a moment that made me happy, because in his final moments, Sayid was able to prove once and for all that he was “one of the good guys” and sacrificed himself “for the greater good.” Good going, Sayid. I lift my tankard to you.

 My thoughts on the status of Cap’n Frank “My New Best Friend” Lapidus are in the post below. I stand by the fact that unless you see a body on LOST (or you see them being Artzed), you can’t count anyone out. Stay strong, Frank. Mosey on out of the sunken sub!

 A lot of other shit happened in the island story of this episode. Widmore caged the LOST-ies; Smokey took a dip and lived to tell the tale; Claire got granny dumped again. Anyone who says nothing happened in this episode is totally whack. As I try to gather my thoughts, a million questions pop up: What is that Widmore up to anyway? Is he working WITH Smokey? And what up with the A-Team (Richard, Ben and Miles)? Is it possible they planted the C4 on the plane? AND WHERE IS GODDAMN VINCENT?

comic by nedroid. who is amazing.

 Serving as a nice counterpoint to a lot of 24-esque movement from the Island storyline, the Sideways world delivered a cool dose of philosophy and mental intrigue.

 Mirrors have popped up in almost all of the Sideways flashes and in “The Candidate” Jack and Claire look into a magic box containing a mirror and a song… from their mysterious dead dad (who’s body is still missing, BTW), Christian. CSheps wanted his bastard child to have the delicate box, which sweetly sang “Catch A Falling Star” a lullaby which has appeared over and over in LOST (Kate to Aaron; Claire to Aaron—Claire even says that the song was sung to her by her father).

 The box made me think of the “magic box” (WHICH IS A METAPHOR STILL, BTW) that Ben promised Locke, the box company Locke worked for and Hurley owned, the hatch as a box where Desmond was confined, Room 23 where “God loves you as he loved Jacob” was drilled into your head, the case from “Whatever the Case May Be.” Basically, boxes and mirrors (and SMOKE and mirrors) are all over LOST. I was hoping this one was significant (like maybe the mirror in the box is akin to the mirrors in the Lighthouse), but nothing yet. Aw, shucks.

 But what really got my brain working in the Sideways world was the exchange of lines between characters, especially Jack and Locke. From their positions as “Man of Science, Man of Faith” Jack and Locke have shifted into the other one’s camp. In the Sideways world, Jack wants to be the believe and Locke is the cynic.

JACK: You know, the first time you and I met, um, back at the, at the airport [pause] you told me that my father was gone, and, uh, it hurt to hear that but I knew you were right. Your father’s gone, too, Mr. Locke.

LOCKE: Uh, no, no, he’s not.

JACK: Yes, he, he is, and you can punish yourself as much as you want, and that’s never gonna bring him back.

[Locke sits in his wheelchair and listens to Jack, pensively.]

JACK: What happened, happened and [pause] you can let it go.

LOCKE: What makes you think letting go is so easy?

JACK: It’s not. In fact, I don’t really know how to do it myself [pause] and that’s why I was hoping that maybe you could go first.

[Locke thinks for a moment and begins to laugh.]

LOCKE: Oh, good-bye, Dr. Shephard.

[Jack turns and watches Locke wheel himself down the corridor.]

JACK: I can help you, John. I wished you believed me.

The scene above seems to serve as a counterpoint to one of Locke’s many conversions of Jack. “Why do you find it so easy?” “Why do you find it so hard?” That famous conversation occurred, of course, in Season 2 when they were discussing the pressing of the button in the hatch. This was specifically referenced when Sideways Locke said “push the button” in his sleep.

In any case, these two figures are constantly connected to each other and yet always at odds. Kind of like… Jacob and Mib? Which leads to…

 My Current Endgame Theory: Everyone will die. except jack. Mib’s assertion to Jacob in the season 5 finale was that people come to the island, they fight and then they die refers to not just people, but candidates. The candidates fight among each other and eventually knock each other out and the game of finding a suitable candidate must start again. So far, the LOST-ies have done a good job of doing that; only jack, sawyer and hurley are left. MiB is hoping they will all die again, but with no Jacob there is nothing keeping him bound to the island any longer. However, Jack will survive. All the others will die – and maybe live their lives in the sideways universe? – but Jack will live and take up Jacob’s mantle. Maybe the Jack in the Sideways world will die as a result.

I still think there will be a moment when the LOSTies consciousness’ in both the Island and Sideways realties will collide and an awareness of both will occur. This will be followed by a choice, perhaps involving a sacrifice.

But some things about LOST will never change…

  • subs are bound to blow up
  • someone is always telling you, “I wish you had believed me”
  • a crazy lady with a baby has a music box
  • Jack likes Apollo bars from vending machines
  • someone has a amateur pilot’s license (in the pilot, jack mentions he had dabbled in piloting; obv Locke had one in the Sideways world)

 Important LOST news items

 There will be no new promos for the season. Carlton Cuse reports that no new promos will be shown. They want to built up suspense or something, I guess.

 The finale will be 2.5 hours long, preceded by an hour-long recap episode. The finale will be directly followed by the Jimmy Kimmel LOST special. On Saturday they will show a pop up version of the pilot. My dream of an 8-hour LOST finale marathon is slowly coming true!

 After the finale airs, Damon and Carlton will go on radio silence.  Typical. They will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday night and will tape a segment to air on the JK finale aftershow.

 So, if you’re counting, that means:

  • On May 11th, the highly-anticipated Smokey-centric episode “Across the Sea” will air
  • On May 18th, the frighteningly-titled episode “What They Died For” will air
  • On May 21st, Darlton will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live
  • On May 22nd, the pop up Pilot will be shown
  • On May 23rd, 9PM the 2.5 hour finale, appropriately titled “The End”, will air
  • At 11 PM, the Jimmy Kimmel special will air
  • On May 24th my life will be over (kidding?)

 On pins and needles folks. I think I’m going to need profuse amounts of DHARMA beer to get through this month. Namaste!

belated sundown

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Heyyyyy LOST friends,

 I know. I know. Where was the post about Sundown, last week’s Sayid-centric episode? I would like to just blame it on a mountain of work (which I do), but, to be honest, I wasn’t all that inspired by the semi-non-sensical Team Smokey Recruitment Hour. Sayid’s waffling throughout the ep was confusing – does he want to be redeemed or has he given up? – not to mention the muddy rules regarding Smokey and where he may roam – so he can’t go into the temple when Doo-gen is around, but after sundown he can open up a can of whoopass on the Nation of Barefoot Wanderers (aka the Others)?

Obviously, we all want a little clarification of these “rules” everyone keeps talking about. Right now I’m thinking back to that “Book of Laws” that Richard presented Child Locke at his Dalai-Lama-type testing and wondering if they might be significant or just another red herring. And if Richard knows about the Book of Laws, he must be aware of the rules. Okay, really, can the Richard episode be now?

 Oh, it’s next week. Well, I can wait a liiiiiittle bit longer. But not much. Got that, Ricardo?

Other salient points from Sundown:

     Is Sayid ultimately a “bad guy”? I say no. The show has shown us that he has a desire to be good and doesn’t strive for evil, like someone like Ben does. Obviously there are many shades of gray in the “light/dark” divide, but my heart says Sayid fights on the side of good. But now that he’s taken care of Doo-gen and his Hippie Bitch (thanks for that by the way), it seems as if our fav Iraqi has given up on his good instincts and has surrendered to his baser ones. I thought Sayid was going to bite the dust in Sundown, and I have a feeling he’ll be one of the characters who doesn’t make it to the end alive.

     Claire has the crazy eye. The only thing that really excited me from Sundown was Rambo Claire’s crazy eye and her dirty looks towards Kate. There is a showdown coming with those two; I hope both make it out alive, but, as with Sayid, I think Claire is up on the chopping block. I think her Island character has gone way past the point of no return and will probably meet her demise shortly.

    Sayid and Nadia are never meant to be together. Sad face. She was the one who was keeping him “good” and maybe that’s not enough when you’re being measured on the island scale. You have to be good all by yourself, not just when you’re lady love is around. Then again, LOST seems to tout that love is a redemptive force and that finding it makes people better (aka Sawyer). Still pretty sad that she’s with his dry-cleaning loser brother though.

      Keamy likes eggs. And is awesome. And I am glad we got to see him one more time. I think he may be still working for Widmore, as he did in the other reality, and Jin was supposed to bring the watch to Widmore. Which is way Sayid found him in a walk-in fridge. I’ll be glad to see gruffy ole Charles again, in any case.

 I’m sure there are other points, but, really, nothing is sticking with me. I’ll be posting sneak peeks for tonight’s episode, “Dr. Linus” shortly.

PS (from best week ever) :

sneak peeks: sundown

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as the sun itself goes down, i am finally getting around to posting the two sneak peeks for tonight’s episode, “sundown.” the promos abc’s been showing all week have teased us, saying most content in the ep is too explosive with so many ANSWERS, they can’t show us much more. i’m about to cry a bit of shenanigans here, but i’ll let the ep speak for itself.

tonight’s episode will focus on sayid (yay!) and will contain more info about doo-gen (more like BOO-gen). i would have thought sun might be the focus, the ep being named SUNdown and all, but, again i’ll let the ep speak for itself.

inside every man there is good and there is evil

keep the change



ben and sayid: a case study

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hello, friends! apologies (again) for the delay in posting. i should learn not to promise “tomorrow” when the constant threat of day-off distractions and having to go to the dmv (shudder) is on the horizon.

however, while we are on the topic of my deliquincy, i must confess that i will be missing the april 8 episode of lost. le sigh, but i will be on vacation (!) in the carribbean. i may hand over the reins to another excellent party, but i shall keep you posted.

now, onto more important matters: HE’S OUR YOU. first of all,  i would like to posit that, at first, i thought this might not be the best title for the episode. zippy line? yes. episode-title-worthy? meh. then again, when i looked beyond that line, i thought of the “our you” part. the whole episode seemed to harp on the connection between ben and sayid. the show has a lot of polar opposites: sawyer/jack ; locke/jack ; ben/widmore; the losties/the others. and while the purpose of drawing oppositions is often to point out similarities rather than differences,”he’s our you” seemed to draw the parallels between ben and sayid.

when sayid goes to rescue hurley from santa rosa, he says “whatever ben asks you to do, do the opposite.” but, it appears that ben and sayid are not so opposite. while they may operate under different ideological systems, both ben and sayid seem to function with some of the same fundamental principles: they do what needs to be done, no matter what. where sayid uses violence, ben uses manipulation. it seems innate to them both, this ability to warp others through malevolent means. and while sayid has tried to stay away from his nature, ben seems to have wholeheartedly embraced it.

but what made ben as wiley as he is? as a kid, he seems sweet and damaged, but cruel? not yet. (although give him a few  years with that asshole roger workman…) as with the purpose of all the flashbacks in the series, we ask “what makes a man or woman who he or she is? what historical factors have lead up to who this person is at this point in his or her life?” and while some character traits seem to be influenced by historical events, lost, especially with this episode, seems to suggest that some characteristics are innate, and they cannot always be tamed.

with the explosive ending to this episode, where young ben is shot by a high-on-destiny sayid, one cannot help but ask: 1. is ben dead? can they DO THAT? WHAT THE CRAP IS GOING TO HAPPEN NOW?!?!??! and 2. if ben is not dead, if he survives this horrific incident, does this partially make him who he is today?

fatal wound?

fatal wound?

i’m going to go on the record right now and posit that young ben will live through this incident. and while i can be convinced that the “future” that sun, frank and ghost pops are in is one where ben dies, the purge happens and dharma shuts down for a very differnet reason (notice that the “orientation” hut was still widely intact; dharmaville was not yet otherville), i gotta say that lil’ ben pulls through. and if he does, that would mean that ben has, effectively, known sayid for almost his entire life. the face of the man  he trusted, who he thought would liberate him from his horrid life, but then betrayed him andattempted to kill him, would be burned into ben’s brain forever.

which, if true, makes every interaction with these two fraught with hidden meaning. ben knew that he would have to get sayid backto the island so that he would attempt to kill him as a child. but along the way, he plays with sayid like a cat with a mouse, sadistically torturing it for his own pleasure.

below, i’ve collected a series of key sayid/ben interactions for your interpreation. leave any thoughts in the comments section.

(transcripts from


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immediate reaction:






bets are: benry jr. ain’t dead yet.


still: BRAINS!!!!!!!!!

(more tomorrow)

we get back by sea… or do we fly?

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talking heads of cast demonstrate that they know just as much about this season as we do. worth it to see naveen andrews (sayid) look so befuddled: