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looking for swf (spooky white female)

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for those of us plebians that don’t have hd, all the hullaballoo about the “woman behind sun in the dharma hut” was a total WHA? moment. (in case you don’t know, the brouhaha here is all about how a blonde-ish woman can be seen lurking in the shadows behind sun in the scene with ghost dad in the orientation hut in “namaste.”) is it claire? is it charlotte? is it SHANNON? IS IT A GHOST OF A CROSS-DRESSING, WIG-WEARING CHARLIE PACE?

it’s probably a production assistant. that’s the side that doc jensen and i are on, at least. take a look for yourself:

no show is perfect — not even lost. that’s why we run into problems with these “easter eggs”; after all, to err is human. unless it really is ghost someone-or-other, then we’re sort of superceding the human.
you be the judy.

pick a side

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in preparation for my thoughts on leadership on this isle of mystery, i would like your input. who would you rather have calling the shots? leave justifications in the comments section.

dharma, class of ’77

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screencap from the photo taken of the “new recruits”:

welcome, dudes!

welcome, dudes!

no familiar faces aside from the obvious. i was wondering what job kate had been assigned to, and after further investigation, i think she’s wearing the same jumpsuit as juliet wore in “lafleur.” so it looks like she’ll be working with juliet down in the dharma auto shop. awkward much? hurley’s occupation, right now, seems unknown, although who wants to bet they put him in food service or something? or, as some people have been suggesting across the fandom, hurley will be assigned to the radio tower, where he will have to hear the numbers repeated. some are even saying that it it hurley’s voice that is reading them in the first place. which, if true, means that the numbers that drove hurley’s asylum pal leonard crazy back when he was posted at a listening post in the late 80s, the numbers that leonard repeated incessantly, the numbers that hurley played in the lottery and caused him all the bad luck, the numbers that drove hurley to australia in the first place — WERE RECORDED BY HURLEY HIMSELF! crazy, huh?
and it is only fitting that jack “dr. holier-than-thou” shepherd (sorry for the hate; i have feelings similar to sawyer’s about jack’s leadership thus far. a post on the pros and cons of our island leadership choices to follow) is now a “workman.” although, let us not forget that there is another important workman in dharma lore: ben’s dad, roger linus.
aka skeletor:
hey bu-uddy!

hey bu-uddy!

looks like you’ll get to have that beer together after all, sawyer. and, oddly enough, the scene below from season 3’s “tricia tanaka is dead” can be recreated in dharmaville. except with roger a little more alive this time:


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hi friends,

i hate to say this, but tonight’s sneak peeks… they suck. big time. i mean, unless you enjoy watching people wander through the jungle until a completely predictable confrontation happens.

well, then, these are for you! let’s hope the rest of the episode is more satisfactory.

here’s they are (now that i’ve really talked them up):


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also: check out the GUEST STAR LIST for next week’s episode, namaste:

  John Terry Christian Shephard
Jeff Fahey Frank Lapidus
François Chau Dr. Marvin Candle
Saïd Taghmaoui Caesar
Zuleikha Robinson Ilana
Reiko Aylesworth Amy
Sterling Beaumon Young Ben
Patrick Fischler Phil
Molly McGivern Rosie
Eric Lange Radzinsky