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ben and sayid: a case study

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hello, friends! apologies (again) for the delay in posting. i should learn not to promise “tomorrow” when the constant threat of day-off distractions and having to go to the dmv (shudder) is on the horizon.

however, while we are on the topic of my deliquincy, i must confess that i will be missing the april 8 episode of lost. le sigh, but i will be on vacation (!) in the carribbean. i may hand over the reins to another excellent party, but i shall keep you posted.

now, onto more important matters: HE’S OUR YOU. first of all,  i would like to posit that, at first, i thought this might not be the best title for the episode. zippy line? yes. episode-title-worthy? meh. then again, when i looked beyond that line, i thought of the “our you” part. the whole episode seemed to harp on the connection between ben and sayid. the show has a lot of polar opposites: sawyer/jack ; locke/jack ; ben/widmore; the losties/the others. and while the purpose of drawing oppositions is often to point out similarities rather than differences,”he’s our you” seemed to draw the parallels between ben and sayid.

when sayid goes to rescue hurley from santa rosa, he says “whatever ben asks you to do, do the opposite.” but, it appears that ben and sayid are not so opposite. while they may operate under different ideological systems, both ben and sayid seem to function with some of the same fundamental principles: they do what needs to be done, no matter what. where sayid uses violence, ben uses manipulation. it seems innate to them both, this ability to warp others through malevolent means. and while sayid has tried to stay away from his nature, ben seems to have wholeheartedly embraced it.

but what made ben as wiley as he is? as a kid, he seems sweet and damaged, but cruel? not yet. (although give him a few  years with that asshole roger workman…) as with the purpose of all the flashbacks in the series, we ask “what makes a man or woman who he or she is? what historical factors have lead up to who this person is at this point in his or her life?” and while some character traits seem to be influenced by historical events, lost, especially with this episode, seems to suggest that some characteristics are innate, and they cannot always be tamed.

with the explosive ending to this episode, where young ben is shot by a high-on-destiny sayid, one cannot help but ask: 1. is ben dead? can they DO THAT? WHAT THE CRAP IS GOING TO HAPPEN NOW?!?!??! and 2. if ben is not dead, if he survives this horrific incident, does this partially make him who he is today?

fatal wound?

fatal wound?

i’m going to go on the record right now and posit that young ben will live through this incident. and while i can be convinced that the “future” that sun, frank and ghost pops are in is one where ben dies, the purge happens and dharma shuts down for a very differnet reason (notice that the “orientation” hut was still widely intact; dharmaville was not yet otherville), i gotta say that lil’ ben pulls through. and if he does, that would mean that ben has, effectively, known sayid for almost his entire life. the face of the man  he trusted, who he thought would liberate him from his horrid life, but then betrayed him andattempted to kill him, would be burned into ben’s brain forever.

which, if true, makes every interaction with these two fraught with hidden meaning. ben knew that he would have to get sayid backto the island so that he would attempt to kill him as a child. but along the way, he plays with sayid like a cat with a mouse, sadistically torturing it for his own pleasure.

below, i’ve collected a series of key sayid/ben interactions for your interpreation. leave any thoughts in the comments section.

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immediate reaction:






bets are: benry jr. ain’t dead yet.


still: BRAINS!!!!!!!!!

(more tomorrow)

did richard send you?

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hey there lost-ites,

it’s wednesday again (glory be!) and that means more lost. episode 10, “he’s our you” airs at 9/8 et tonight. which means there are only 6 more to go– CURSE YOU TIMEKEEPER! 3 sneak peeks are below, followed by some conjecture:

the last one is, of course, the best. child actor sterling beaumon really seems to get the inherent leeriness of the ben character — a balancing act between ambition and insecurity. also: harry potter. i think tonight we’ll get a glimpse into the old lost question of nature v. nuture — one that real-life philosophers john locke and jean-jacques rousseau were very much interested in. is one born good or evil, or does society’s affect one’s nature? are we tabula rasas, waiting to be written on, or are we molded by “fate”? it seems like tonight we are set-up for the perfect battle here, with two master examples:

sayid jarrah vs. benjamin linus.

sayid, the torturer (explanation of the title “he’s our you” in clip #1) vs. ben the maniupulator. were they made this way or were they born this way? sayid comes to the island with his murderous identity still hanging on to him — until he tortures sawyer and sends him out on walkabout. but notice that sayid always seems to come back to that identity. what tptb (the powers that be, aka the writers/producers) are really echoing in the jail scene are the scenes with sayid’s torturing of ben when he was known as “henry gale.” ben begs sayid not to torture him, but, as you may recall, he comes out looking like this:

the artist formerly known as henry gale

the artist formerly known as henry gale









it appears that sayid is about to get a taste of his own medecine.

also: does it not seem like the ultimate dharma experiment: given the chance, would the 815ers, with all the knowledge of ben’s manipulation, murder a younger version of linus for “the greater good”?

as the nymag recap of namaste says: “so basically, the appropriate plan here is to kill a baby* and a ten-year-old. Go to it, heroes!”

*referring to baby ethan. which, btw, was omigod awesome! so if ethan was born to original dharma, how was he spared from the purge???????!