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also: check out the GUEST STAR LIST for next week’s episode, namaste:

  John Terry Christian Shephard
Jeff Fahey Frank Lapidus
François Chau Dr. Marvin Candle
Saïd Taghmaoui Caesar
Zuleikha Robinson Ilana
Reiko Aylesworth Amy
Sterling Beaumon Young Ben
Patrick Fischler Phil
Molly McGivern Rosie
Eric Lange Radzinsky


be careful what you wish for…

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in the immortal words of the pussycat dolls, “be careful what you wish for cuz you just might get it.”

i’m not going to say i called it (even though i so totally did), but because of this time-travel plot, WE GET TO SEE ROUSSEAU’S BACK STORY!!!!!!*

*how much of it and what we actually get to see, however, are yet to be determined.

but before i go and knock this great mighty thing that has happened, let us rejoice that it has happened at all. i think we were all pretty shocked when rousseau was killed off last year (not as shocked as when alex was shot point blank in the head by keamy, but, still, pretty shocking). as one of the island’s and the show’s most enduring mysteries, it seemed to be a very poor decision indeed to  so unceremoniously cut that storyline off. and though andi spent many a night insisting that the “face on the body in the ground that was buried was totally not rousseau” for a while we had to accept that this was one of  LOST’s inevitable dead ends.

NOT SO FAST — there is always TIME TRAVEL!

aaaaand apparently rousseau has not aged well:

an age difference of 16 years?

an age difference of 16 years?

the actress who had played rousseau, mira furlan, is 53. the current actress, melissa farman, appears to be about 17 (currently i am not able to find her age, although according to her website she is an undergrad at USC).  although, to be fair, rousseau has been on the island for 16 years, and she had her baby stolen from her, and she had to kill the rest of her team because of the sickness, and she’s got just a little bit of batshit crazy. that might age one a bit.

also: reportedly the actress mira furlan DID NOT ENJOY LIVING AND WORKING IN HAWAII. she missed her husband or some shit. yeah, because “husbands” are better than being a recurring character on LOST. pssssssh.

but, i digress. with this convenient plot device (that is, frequent and unpredictable time travel) we may just get to see all the things that many, many flashbacks could never have encompassed. as you may have gathered, young ben is currently on the island at the time that rousseau and her team crash on the island (gauging on the state of d’s pregnancy, the year is 1988). so not only is this flash serving those of us with the need for more rousseau, it will also be able to fill in some gaps in ben’s storyline. what i really NEED to know is how he came to be the leader of the others. what happened in those 10 or so years since he met richard in the jungle when chasing after a vision of his mother? what or whom led him to the path that ends in the genocide of hundreds of members of the dharma initiative?

needless to say, this plotline serves many purposes and has potential to yield some titilating results (yeah, i said titilating).  but we must remember that this is lost, and, OH NO THESE FLASHES CAN’T BE CONTROLLED. GUESS WE’LL NEVER SEE WHAT HAPPENED IN THE DARK TERRITORY, HOW MONTAND LOST HIS ARM, WHAT THE SICKNESS IS, ETC. ! IT’S JUST THIS DARN ISLAND!

this blessing may be a curse in disguise.

but right away it does lead to some definitive answers to some of my burning questions:

— was ben really alex’s father? NOPE.

— was rousseau really part of a research team that crashed on the island? APPARENTLY.

— did rousseau get pregz on the island? NON.  (this one was part of an idea that she had been on the island longer than we thought. though she clearly did not conceive the babe on-island, she certainly gave birth there, making the babe with the voodoo “special” and probably why ben wanted alex in the first place. interesting that all of the “chosen ones” so far have been males. i’d like to think that alex has been chosen too; maybe charlotte; maybe claire; maybe ji yeon… we’ll see)

questions to look forward to with this subplot (which continues at least a little while into the next episode, “this place is death”, as melissa farman is listed as a guest star):

— what is “the sickness” and is it related to the time-travel-nosebleed-of-doom disease?

— does danielle really kill her whole team?

— what DID happen to montand’s arm? are all the missing arms related on LOST? (fyi: montand is not an important character. in season one, rousseau mentions to those who decide to venture to the black rock to get dynamite, that the dark territory is where ‘montand lost his arm.’ doctor arzt makes a joke about this later on in the episode. before he is blown to smithereens. the other “missing arms” are those of doctor marvin candle in the swan station video [the producers have hinted that his right arm, which doesn’t move in the orientation film, is fake. although they are kind of snarky a-holes sometimes. still it’s lost-lore] and the threat of a lost arm in when young charles widmore  was about to make juliet into captain hook.)

— how did the natives/ben come to get baby alex from rousseau?

— HOW DOES SHE NOT REMEMBER JIN? (that’s a whole other can of worms being discussed here at the fuselage:

personally, i’m on the side that the memory has just happened and while adult rousseau may remember it, she cannot, as she is now deceased.