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you couldn’t stay away, could you?

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on January 29, 2009 by eyeoftheisland

so when i first heard ellie, the new resident badass military chick, utter the line that is the title of this post, i was like: jigga what? bitch knows daniel faraday? how many time periods has this guy infiltrated? but as the episode progressed it became more clear to me that she meant “you” as in “you meddling, h-bomb-making american soldiers.” not “you” as in “you, daniel, that guy that i’ve met before.” although it’s  sort of an apt line when daniel draws attention to the similarities between her and theresa, “that poor girl.”*

regardless, the line stuck out to me as one of LOST’s many iconic lines (“are you him?” ;  “don’t tell me what i can’t do” etc.) this question seems to accurately reflect the compulsion that the island enacts in those who try to escape: you couldn’t stay away, could you?

for some folks that’s literal. take michael, who has gone to the most extreme measures to get off the island, and then later to stay off the island, but finds himself back there, all effing things up on the freighter as per ben’s/jacob’s/christian shepherd’s (?) orders. (notice though that michael never makes it back to the island. so the island wouldn’t let him kill himself, but preferred that he not actually set foot on its  sacred ground while carrying out its work…)

the oceanic six seem like the intended target for this line. they’re all going to try to stay away for their own reasons, but i’m guessing that the island has fated they all go back. it’s got to do with the whole “course correction” factor. as desmond experienced with his flashes of charlie’s death: fate decided that charlie pace was going to die. exactly how that was going to happen could be manipulated, but the outcome was the same. here, the oceanic six will go back to the island. how (and in what condition) is another story.

but for others, away from the island is furthest from one’s desires. in “the lie” we saw a young, aggressive charles widmore call the island his own. in “jughead” we saw a tension with the Almighty Alpert. in “because you left” miles estimates that widmore has been looking for the island for twenty years. that means that up until the early 1980s, widmore had control of the island. the early eighties was also when, we can guesstimate, the dharma initiative fell to pieces.

[enter, of course, benjamin linus, who now appears to be a bit smaller in the whole run of things. ben seems to have gotten into this “the island is mine” games fairly late, if richard and widmore are arguing this in 1954, before he is even born. but let’s not forget that he’s not helping the O6 get back to the island for their friends’ own good. he can’t stay away either].

but one may ask: how has it come to pass that widmore has “lost” the island to begin with? was he forced to/tricked into spinning the frozen donkey wheel and thus can never go back himself? did he start the orginial dharma initiative in order to exploit the island’s natural wonders for his own dark purposes?

whatever it is, it was clear to me in “jughead” that a major rift goes down between richard and widmore which brings about the natives/others/losties feud that we are more familiar with.

but which sides everyone falls on and when… that’s not so clear just yet. no wonder CHARLES (interesting name, eh?) wants penny to stay out of it.

im sum: whether it is the compulsion of fate or the necessity of desire, the island seems to have a pull on those who have entered its atmosphere. after all, it is a giant EM, one to which humans get pinned to like magnets to a fridge.

*also as a last sort of zinger: someone on the boards mentioned the resonance of the name theresa. in this episode, it was the name of “that poor girl” that daniel abandoned and widmore now cares for.  but in the past the name theresa has come from the mouth of none other than BOONE. locke has a vision of boone before his accident. he is bloodied, at the top of a flight of stairs and says: “theresa falls up the stairs, theresa falls down the stairs.” not sure it has any resonance, but it kind of blew my mind to remember that moment from season one.