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boom boom POW

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Well holy hell. They blewed it all up.

well, so much for that

 There is only one word that appropriately describes “Everybody Loves Hugo”: explosive. In their most recent audio podcast Damon and Carlton hinted that there would be an extraordinary amount of explosions in an upcoming episode and boy were they right. And although this episode certainly delivered on the shock value front, it also delved into some interesting theoretical concerns as well. As a whole ELH (“Everybody Loves Hugo”) gracefully skirted LOST’s oft-explored divide between the sensational and the philosophical. And I liked it!

 ELH was the Big Bang we’ve been waiting for all season long. It had answers (the whispers are the dead people who can’t move on)! It had action (Des got pushed down the well)! It had multiple shocking moments (DES TOTALLY MOWED OVER LOCKE)! Not only is it Big Bang in that there were many explosions (p.s. just how many sticks of dynamite did the Black Rock have on it, anyway?) but it was also a moment of genesis, of rebirth. The season began/last season ended with a big bang (supposedly… although I’ve always had doubts that the white screen that was flashed after Juliet hammered that rock on Jughead represented an actual explosion), a blast that landed our candidates both up in trees and up in the air again.

 But post-ELH is where the new Genesis really begins. The literal explosions allowed for the clearing of debris: the Black Rock (both the literal ship and its status as a plot point) is gone. Two weeks ago we saw its origin story; now it is time to leave it behind; to blast it to smithereens. And actually, the exact same thing happened to Ilana. We had a glimpse into her relationship with Jacob, into her purpose on the island (and to the audience; I think her most important act was not telling the castaways of their status as candidates, but of the redemption of Ben), and then she was summarily disposed of. As a whole LOST has been very economic about letting go of excess character baggage – you know and then they go. Sayonara, Nikki and Paulo!

peace out

 The notion of Genesis itself is very relevant to LOST – the garden of Eden, man’s betrayal of God, temptation, free will, nature blah blah blah. Jacob himself told Richard that people come to the island and their pasts disappear. They are given a fresh start. With the new Big Bang, all of the issues that have happened in the past are being erased – it’s a new Eden and people can make new choices (Richard), go with new leaders (Miles), be different people (Ben).

 Of course, that’s on the island. In our Sideways world, the notion of a do-over is much more overt. We are discovering their new, “other” lives. It seems like in Sideways land, small decisions have great impact. Perhaps the most interesting line in the whole episode was when Libby told Hurley,

“It’s like I know you from an other life.”

and in this other life it looks like i'm 20 years older

 Of course, in LOST “other” is a loaded word. The identification of who “the others” are has changed over the course of the show, and LOST has enjoyed playing with who is the “us” is in the survivalist “us vs. them” mentality. But with the introduction of the Sideways world, the “others” have actually become the castaways themselves. But just a liiiiittle bit different. An interesting concept, as “the others” have been a group that the LOST-ies have generally always been at odds with in some way.

(QUICK THOUGHTS: Are the others themselves passengers from alternative realities? When the psychic said Aaron must not be “raised by another” did he mean “Other Claire”? Is “Other Claire” Island Claire, who is clearly unfit to raise him?)

 But now the “others” conflict as well as the overarching conflict of the series (conflict with the various components of the self) are converging so that they are one in the same: they are fighting with themselves, in their “other” life and must make some kind of decision or sacrifice to eliminate the duplication.

 After all, Jacob is constantly emphasizing man’s choice and free will. And now the series’ mounting self vs. other self is building up to one epic choice each character has to make: sacrifice or self-preservation. Will they choose personal happiness or the greater good? Or are those divisions themselves merely constructed. Can they supersede these questions and advocate for a balance of both of these worlds, embracing both fate as well as choice?  

 From the past two episodes, I’m also starting to see a pattern emerge of a strong love connection being the trigger between the crash world and the sideways world. My theory is that these love connections are the character’s constants, what grounds them to reality is that intangible bond between two people.

Libby called it soulmates (gag). I think it’s interesting to think of these connections in the context of reincarnation – the “other” lives that one has lived through, of which we have no conscious memories. There is the idea of the people we loved appearing in each of our lives, that some souls are meant to encounter each other again and again. Although sometimes they do have conscious memories and come back as a young Robert Downey Jr. romancing his past life wife Sybil Shepherd. Was that just a reference to the 1989 “classic” Chances Are? Indeed it was.

his skin is so beautiful. so beautiful.

 Yet how to connect the idea of the “otherworld” with the importance of one’s constant? Why does one need a constant to fix the fabric, to make the choice? Could a constant be your significant… other?

 Only four more left to see. I’m getting goosebumps! Til next week, LOST fans: Namaste.


everybody loves hugo: sneak peeks

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And now for (hopefully) some levity! Tonight’s episode of LOST is entitled “Everybody Loves Hugo” (accurate) and is, natch, Hurley-centric. We’ll get to see a glimpse into the luck-laden world of Sideways Hurley and hear the big guy’s pearls of leaderly (and yet still amusing) wisdom that have been developing over this season. I still stand by the fact that Hurley is the best, if the only viable, candidate for Jacob out of all of them. A few theories have been posited that Hurley will become the next RA, a consigliere to a Jacob of the Jack variety. Personally, I’m hoping the ranch-dressing-loving millionaire will get off the island and get a  chance to start a happy life.

 Sneak peeks are below. Not very illuminating.

And then we’ll be stuck with it and it’ll be angry at us.

You’re not too busy. You’re scared.

 Guest starring on tonight’s ep will be Mama Hurley, Grandpa Hurley,  Michael, Libby and Dr. Pierre Chang (!!!). Catch my inane comments on that twitter thing. Happy LOST-ing!