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ten-ish episodes to rewatch before season six

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salut mes LOSTies,

The end of the year is upon us. For some, that means a delightful break from the monotonies of work or school; a time to gather with loved ones to celebrate what you’re thankful for; a time for a box of DHARMA wine. I propose that while you are gathering/imbibing/sloppily insulting your relatives (in that order) that you ditch the Yule Log and instead sit in front of the warm glow of LOST, basking in its turning-the-sky-purple light.

With twelve consecutive days off myself, I plan on rewatching the following ten(ish) episodes in order, from season 1-5. One could organize these episode thematically as well (on island time; Locke-centric; shirtless Sawyer-centric), however the LOST experience as viewers has lead us on a path from a 2004 plane crash, through flashbacks, flashforwards, DHARMA-time, pre-crash time and so on. As Locke himself would say, “what if everything that happened here, happened for a reason?”

Since Season 1, I have been a big believer in the sequence of cause and effect in LOST. e.g. Claire gets kidnapped –> Locke and Boone find the Hatch–> Boone dies –> Locke finds Des –> eventually, the failsafe key gets turned. Whether you are in the “predestined” or “make your own destiny” camp, there are definitely significant sequences of causes and effects. Weird coincidences throughout the series have proven that the survivors are all connected to each other (even in ways they are not aware of); in that sense, each of the LOSTies is either/or/both a cause and an effect themselves. Without each piece of the puzzle, there would be something important missing.

Who’s behind this giant game of Mousetrap (see Doc Jensen’s column this week for more on that)? Hopefully that final missing piece will come together sometime this season. It seems the further get along in the series, the more our assumptions of who’s controlling the game are proved false. (Rousseau? Nah. Ben? Not so much. Widmore? He wishes. Jacob? Erm, not sure. MIB? Possibly).

So without further ado…


  • Pilot: Parts I and II – if it all turns out to be a reboot, you’ll want to remember exactly what happened on September 22, 2004.
  • Walkabout – DON’T TELL ME WHAT I CAN’T DO.
  • Exodus Parts I and II – I still cry when watching the raft scene at the end of Part I (Vincent, my love!). Rousseau takes the baby to the black smoke; “We’re going to have to take the boy.”
  • Orientation – Desmond shows Locke and Jack the Swan orientation film featuring Dr. Marvin Candle and his fake arm. “We’re going to have to see that again.”
  • One of Them – The Artist Formerly Known as Benry Gale is caught in a net and shot with a crossbow by Rousseau and then tortured by Sayid. Either way, Ben kind of deserved it, non?
  • Live Together, Die Alone – Des returns and turns the failsafe key. “I LOVE YOU, PENNAH!”
  • The Man Behind the Curtain – THE key Ben episode. Seeing young Ben’s transformation, purge and all, was explosive. Not to mention that little trip to Chateau Jacob.
  • Through the Looking Glass – aka “The Flashforward” episode. “We have to go back, Kate. We have to go baaaaaaack!”
  • The Constant – Oh, hello, Faraday’s crazy hair from the past!
  • There’s No Place Like Home, Part III – the island did WHAT?
  • The Incident Parts I and II – Oh, Jacob, WHO ART THOU? Also, “What about you?”

 Honorable Mentions: Heartwarming/Gut wrenching Category: LaFleur; Greatest Hits; Deus Ex Machina followed by Do No Harm; Ji Yeon

Honorable Mentions: Sheer Intensity Category: Lockdown; Two for the Road; He’s Our You; The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham; The Brig

happy re-watching and merry merry!

notes from darlton interview on totally lost

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MORE teasers for tonight! doc jensen at ew posted his pre-thoughts for tonight’s finale as well as  a three-part interview with damon lindelof and carlton cuse. if you have a mo, i would suggest you watch the whole thing (packed with valuable info!), but if you need the essentials (as related to tonight) my notes are below.

quotes transcripted from the interview:

  • “Stating in the finale, learning what Ben really knows, versus what he is pretending to know.”

                         MY TAKE: is jacob real? is he an ethereal being? can you kill an ethereal being? is he LOCKE? (a theory i have had for quite some time). i think we will definitely learn WHO or WHAT jacob is tonight. PREDICTION #1.

  • “Vincent will be there to explain himself… and Rose and Bernard.”

                          MY TAKE: YESSSS! maybe vincent is jacob. ( maybe i just miss vincent. the producers have said that vincent will make it through the series. i wonder if he misses walt.

  • “We will know by the end of the finale what Locke’s intentions where and what his motives are.”

                           MY TAKE: we will find out why/how locke was resurrected and what that means. PREDICTION #2!

  • “More pieces to Locke-Ben dynamic.”

                           MY TAKE: as part of his path to redemption, ben will become the new richard and will serve as locke’s advisor. may the banter continue for eternity!

  • Cryptic teases:  1.“We’re going to see something very tall in this episode.” –Carlton

                           MY TAKE: the producers want you to think it’s the statue. so it obv cannot be. i predict this tall thing will be: a. a tall tale; some big huge lie or seemingly impossible event that will occur or b. a tall character of some sort. PREDICTION #3.

  • 2. “This episode is very touching.” (Knowing glance). “It’s a play on words. You think it’s going to be emotional, but it’s not going to be that kind of touching.” –Damon

                             MY TAKE: touching… locke will get to touch jacob. or someone will be required to set off the trigger of the bomb to make it go off. PREDICTION #4.

it’s a BIG DAY, FOLKS!

indiana jones and the temple of the HOLY CRAP IT’S CHARLES WIDMORE

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how interesting that i put so much focus on the fact that soldier boy was named jones, when in fact he is named… WIDMORE.

although, 2breal, one may have seen that coming. doc jensen teased the shit out of it with this morning’s column and i am beginning to think he has gone off the deep end.  ms. andiface thought his thoughts on the word “jughead” and archie comics were off in brain-sploding territory… i think he’s just a bit tickled with himself. and wayyy too full of spoilers. reg’lar people don’t want that ish out yo’ entertainment weekly column. you go to spoiler-tv for that shit.

doc jensen rant over.

i’m still getting my thoughts together at this mo, but to get the juices flowing, i want everyone to think about richard alpert… his eyeliner; his timeless wardrobe choices; and THE FACT THAT HE DIDN’T SEEM TO UNDERSTAND TIME TRAVEL.

shit, yo. even i don't know what's going on.

and i thought he was the all-knowing being! a personification of the island manifested in a man… a man who may be wearing mascara.

doc jensen / darlton paley center interview

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did not bring headphones to work… cannot… watch… LOST … videos…. TRAGEDY!