heyyyyy brother

instant reaction: jigga… WHAT?

  • John Locke looked into the eye of the island and saw… a glowing birth canal from which all good things come? I am convinced this is what he saw and what he was talking to Walt about in Season 1.
  • The Smoke Monster came to be because… his a-hole brother pushed his dead body down a water slide of DOOM?
  • Allison Janney Mom was the proto-Rousseau?! Does that mean all women who give birth on the island are bound to go crazy?
  • Now that the ole dead bro was slid down the glory hole, the light went out… but then came back on? Shouldn’t they get a gate or something for that ish? Is it out now that J-Woww is dead?
  • How does the frozen donkey wheel that Ben and Locke had to push to get off the island work? And who completed it?!
  • How does the Smoke Monster intend to escape his vapor-y prison?
  • And now… I totes magotes sympathize with the MiB? I think he should totally be allowed to go across the sea. And whiny Mama’s Boy jacob deserved to die.
  • Was Allison Janney Earth Mother both Smokey and the Jacob figure? How else was she able to fill up the well AND waste all those villagers otherwise? So now the good/evil being component is split between two entitites trying to cancel each other out?

Also, the island as mother imagery was a little heavy handed. I’m thinking the wpisode as a whole was a bit much — but LOST is officially letting it’s freak flag fly. GO INTO THE LIGHT, EVERYONE!!!!

PS 100th eyeoftheisland post! woot LOST woot!


One Response to “heyyyyy brother”

  1. 1. I love that you called him J-Woww…
    2. Do you think that Jacob showed Locke the light when he landed on the island???
    3. So the was the button pressing and the hatch letting out small bouts of light at a time?? Why did it need to be dispersed at all? It looked like it was just chilling fine in the river/cave/vag… or was the hatch like a more advanced donkey wheel?
    4. I think MIB got someone else to put the donkey wheel in later on post Allison Janney death… though I don’t know how he did it without Jacob knowing, though he was probably just too busy making tapestries to notice…

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