across the sea: sneak peeks

Things have been turned up to 11 in the LOST command center of my brain (which has swelled to an alarming size). With only 4.5 hours of the show left… EVAR… I’m starting to think beyond what might happen to the characters and what might happen to… me. And this dear blahr-g, with its random thoughts and the 481515623 hits a day from people looking for pictures of the LOSTies in DHARMA gear. The answer for both – as yet undetermined. I will be posting all my thoughts and emotions concerning the finale in weeks to come. But this glorious experiment in internets may come to an end. Thanks, three people that read it! (Hi D!)

 I have also made a conscious decision not to watch any more of the sneak peeks. I have not usually minded getting a tease or a glimpse into the upcoming episode, but it has oft ruined some surprising moments (and those two people I watch LOST with are getting  a bit tired of me whispering, “I’ve seen this already” when said scenes air). However, I have posted these below if you care to be teased for tonight’s mythic-centric episode “Across the Sea.”

 The episode will be on the level of “Ab Aeterno” – lots of island mythology! And if you want one little teaser… Allison Janney, formerly (and forever?) CJ of The West Wing, will be featured in tonight’s ep, character as yet unknown. My guess is that getting a heavy hitter like that (which Damon and Carlton noted was a big win for them; in fact, when they were talking about the character in the writer’s room, they referred to her as Allison Janney, thinking  they would never get her), she may be playing the mysterious mother of MIB, which the Man-in-Flocke himself brought up in a conversation with Kate.

 Then again, he is a manipulating SOB (!!!) so that could be a lie and she could be playing the Earth Mother or something. This is much better than that rumor that Matthew Perry was going to be on LOST. No, really.

 Here are some interesting links I’ve come across related to bits of news out there in the LOST-dom, including a link to the most recent audio podcast (recommended) and the aforementioned sneak peeks. I’ll be on twitter later tonight to give my instant reactions. Happy trips
Across the Sea!*”

 *can I also mention that my inner 10th grader is beyond psyched that a LOST episode and a Weezer song have the same title ????


3 Responses to “across the sea: sneak peeks”

  1. I love me a shout out 🙂

    And I’m glad you’re not going to be spoiling the episodes for yourself anymore, watch along in real time with the rest of us!

    And I’m slightly upset that Matthew Perry isn’t going to be in an episode… I would have enjoyed a little Chandler Bing in LOST… much like I enjoyed Mac a la It’s Always Sunny as his short time as Aldo…

    See ya tonight!!!

  2. krankor Says:

    Hey, my coworker and I both read your blog, so that brings you to five! 😀

    Also….that episode was amazing….and the ambiguity about who is truly good and who is evil has not been cleared up too much, has it. Hmm.

  3. eyeoftheisland Says:

    hey! thanks, friends! lovin the love here… i have really enjoyed writing this blog, so i am happy that you’re reading it! 🙂

    right now the episode is floating above my head, like a sentient smoke monster trapped on a mystical island. i too loved that we were brought 180 degrees from the end of the last episode where smokey was depicted as the ultimate baddie… but now i am totally on team mib. it might have something to do with titus welluver’s cotton tank in this episode… jk. i now much more sympathize with his desire to move on to the real world than jacob’s blind naiviete.

    however i think we could have done without actually seeing the golden well. like many a monster movie the thought of what it could be is much more dazzling than the thing itself. but i guess with the answer-craving LOST community, you have to show something, provide some answer.

    what i can say is that my curiosity is piqued more than ever now. how will it end?!??!?!?!?

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