ben linus, mangoes, whipped cream, the island

the most spectacular boyfriend is an ms paint wizard. as in, like, order of merlin first class, seat on the wizengamot-type of wizard. and with his skills, he has made GLORY:


and while i’d like to say we dreamed up this work purely of our own demeted minds, it originated from this glorious website:

i submitted it earlier today. i hope to see it up for all to see shortly.

ALSO: I HAVE SOME VERY EXCITING NEWS. I MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE HAD A PERSONAL CONVERSATION WITH A LOST CAST MEMBER. But I haven’t had a free mo to type up the gloriousness. As we must wait a week for the next ep of LOST, you must wait until I get back from my weekend adventures to hear about it. And it just might involve this guy

NO... WAY...


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