everybody loves hugo: sneak peeks

And now for (hopefully) some levity! Tonight’s episode of LOST is entitled “Everybody Loves Hugo” (accurate) and is, natch, Hurley-centric. We’ll get to see a glimpse into the luck-laden world of Sideways Hurley and hear the big guy’s pearls of leaderly (and yet still amusing) wisdom that have been developing over this season. I still stand by the fact that Hurley is the best, if the only viable, candidate for Jacob out of all of them. A few theories have been posited that Hurley will become the next RA, a consigliere to a Jacob of the Jack variety. Personally, I’m hoping the ranch-dressing-loving millionaire will get off the island and get a  chance to start a happy life.

 Sneak peeks are below. Not very illuminating.

And then we’ll be stuck with it and it’ll be angry at us.

You’re not too busy. You’re scared.

 Guest starring on tonight’s ep will be Mama Hurley, Grandpa Hurley,  Michael, Libby and Dr. Pierre Chang (!!!). Catch my inane comments on that twitter thing. Happy LOST-ing!


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