happily ever after: haikus

Holy Hume! “Happily Ever After” was everything I wanted it to be and nothing of what I didn’t want it to be: namely, the desmise of my dearest Des. Alternatively, we were treated to a family reunion of srts, where the Humes, Widmores, Hawking, Faradays and Miltons (interesting name BTW, Pen) got together to discuss life’s milestones and other life’s milestones alike.

In celebration of this great coming together of my forever loves, I’ve composed a series of haikus. I should also note that i’ve written a haiku about my forever hate, Zoe. Can I say I almost miss Doo-gen and fake John Lennon? No, actually, I can’t.

More analysis to come, but in the meantime, enjoy these (master)pieces:

Your hair in this ep
Was Incredible. Also
The Sideways jumping.

The painting in your
Office changed. No more polar
Bear. Share that MacCutch!

A puff of white mist.
Two parallel stars glinting.
Rule? You bloody do.

A jaunty hat says
Your physics days are over.
Or are they, Widmore?


Pen: Jogging woman
At night. Sweaty, but so sweet.
What did she see? Des!

Last time I saw you,
You had no constant. Now you
Can get me hookers!


Still not Penny’s boat.
But you saw the light from Claire.
You, all, err-body.

What is your purpose?
(To look like cheap Tina Fey?)
Sayid – waste that mess!



a side-by-side comparison of the paintings in widmore's office


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