happily ever after: sneak peeks

Cue fog. Cue bagpipes. Cue Desmond episode.

 Tonight’s long-awaited return of the Hot Scot, “Happily Ever After”, airs tonight. While the title and the promo seem to be leading us to think our Unbuttoned Brotha may have a tragic fate, I am still holding on to the hope that Des and His Pennah (and the freaking adorable Lil Charlie Hume) have their own happy ending. But, as Eloise of the Scarves told him in “The Variable”, the island is not done with him yet.

 Around that time there was a theory bouncing around that Lil Charlie Hume was actually Lil Charles Widmore and that somehow he got transported to the past and is now taking revenge on his father. Trying to make sure Mummy and Daddy never stay together. To stop the suffering of his young self. This is an interesting theory, but an improbable one. I think at this point LOST is mostly done with time travel plots and moving on to more high-level fare. Then again, daddy issues are the name of the game, so anything’s possible.

 Regarless, the sneak peeks for “Happily Ever After” are embedded below. Spoiler alert: Desmond sports multiple hair styles in this ep. Must be a LOST rule that if you’re having a flash of some kind (whether it be of the back, forward or sideways varieties), one must have smooth, sleek hair in one of them.

I bet it’s a boy.

 I didn’t have a chance to explain.

 So I went to the imdb page to check the guest stars (as per usual) and was immediately assaulted by some spoiler-worthy photos. Shield your eyes if you don’t want to see such things (one tease: orange!). But if you do, I’ll include one after the jump.

 Notable guest stars: Daniel Faraday, Eloise Hawking, Pennah!, Chahlie and Mr. Short Circuit Himself, Minkowski. I am very excited about this group.

Lame guest stars: Zoe. Read her recent interview with nymag to see her try to be cool. But failing.

Questionable guest star: Someone named Simmons. Sounds familiar. Will have to do more research.

Happy Desmond Day! See you on twitter!



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