the package: sneak peeks

Yes, the title of tonight’s episode is called… The Package.

Sadly, it is not a Sawyer-centric epiosde. (Obligatory “package” joke complete!)

From the sneak peeks embedded below, it appears to be a Sun and Jin episode (at last!). Will they finally be reunited after three years of separation? Probably not. This show just doesn’t want these two together. Fortunately, we will see the return of Douchey Jin in the Sideways world.

I don’t feel anything…

I do whatever your father tells me.

But in VERY EXCITING NEWS, there are some sizzling guest stars tonight! Not only is Mr. Fried Eggs himself, Martin Keamy, coming back, but a certain long-lost Russian love of mine is as well…

hey baby... it's been a while


Other guest stars (in order of how much I am anticipating seeing them): Widmore, Cesar, Omar, Desk Clerk, Zoe

Happy LOST-ing!

ps happy now, RON?!

pps link to CTV trailer with more Lockey bits


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