ab aeterno: sneak peeks

since the beginning of time… i have waited for a RICHARD-CENTRIC FLASHBACK!!!

it’s national eyeliner-wearing day, people! celebrate your richard lvoe by rubbing some kohl on your lids, wearing a timeliness navy button-down and vaguely hinting at just how long you’ve been on this island. the wait is over.

unfortunately, the sneak peeks for this episode are not so thrilling. they are both ilana-centric and don’t reveal anything we didn’t already know. i’m guessing this is because the richard storyline will be so mind-blowing that they don’t want to reveal anything (except for the promo pics from the episode below). enjoy the sneak peeks below, i guess. here’s to hoping that ilana’s not a richard 2.0 (i kinda got that vibe with her covered in bandages and then emerging to do jacob’s work):

i need your help:

candidates for what?

guest stars include two biggies, two ?s and a  bunch of randos: jacob and mib; “isabella” and “jonas whitfield”; along with fr. suarez, russian nurse, prisoner, doctor, the usual randos.

TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT. only eight episodes left! having… heart…. attack…..


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