dr. linus: sneak peeks

was i the only one who exclaimed, “OH YEAH, BEN!” last week when he barged into the temple hot tob room and tried to convince sayid to join team jacob? *also, who else though that moment should be more poignant? this was the place where ben was taken as a child when sayid shot him. it is now the place where sayid went through a similar experience. just sayin’.

well, tonight we get our much-needed dose of ben-ness, and i cannot be more happy. ben “i always have a plan” linus has been one of the most fascinating characters on the show, and he deserves the proper spotlight in the final season. sneak peek clips are embedded below.

considering he was standing over their bodies with a dagger…

exile wasn’t his worst fate:

PS can ben PLEASE be my euro teacher? when i was in high school, like, eight years ago? kthanx.

PPS OHEMGEE Alex and Dr. Arzt are slated to be in this ep!!! Do you think Alex is still Ben’s daughter or his student?

as always, i’ll be posting random thoughts on twitter live. happy LOST-ing!


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