lighthouse: sneak peeks

To the lighthouse!

 Tonight’s episode, 605 (FIFTH ALREADY!), is entitled Lighthouse and appears to be Jack-centric. Boo! Hiss! I mean… Actually, I’m ready to see some evolution in the good doc, to examine what his sideways life might be like. Was his relationship with his Pa still flawed? How’s Mama Shephard (who will be guest starring in tonight’s ep, along with Doo-gen, Dayo Ade as “Justin”, Dylan Minnette as “David”  and Sean Kinerney as “Japanese Boy” (could he be Boy Doo-gen?)?

 I also hear we’ll get back to new Rambo Claire. Excellent!

 I am interested to see what the special role of children is on the island. I listened to the Jay and Jack Podcast today and they posited that children may have some elevated position on the island. Perhaps they are caretakers or rule-makers/enforcers. Walt was special, even if they had to abandon that storyline because he’s now about 8 feet tall. With the toe-headed mystery child appearing to Flocke and Sawyer (but not Richard?) last week, the question of children was again brought to the forefront. My hope is that they bring Walt back somehow, even though he is circa forty-five years old.

 In any case, the sneak peeks are embedded below. I’ll be providing reactionary tweets @eyeoftheisland on my twitter page. Namaste and happy watching!

About where you’re hiding my son….

We’re never going to find it.


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