sneak peeks: the substitute

I have to confess that I am not in the best of moods today, LOST fans. Between coming off a three day weekend, dealing with the blustery snow and a general feeling of curmudgeonliness, I have a sickness… and the only cure is a new episode of LOST.

Tonight’s episode is called “The Substitute” and appears to be Locke-centric. Substitute is an interesting word to be bringing up in this stage, as Flocke is now a substitute for real Locke; Sayid may be the substitute for Jacob; Claire is subbing for Rousseau; one reality is substituting for another. All the characters are subbing for themselves in the reboot, and it seems more and more like they will become more aware of their roles as substitutes vs. the real deal selves that are still on the island. Just a theory.

In any case, I do have the two sneak peeks embedded below for your enjoyment.

It’s personal:

First the plane, then the raft, then the copter…

Also, Helen (Katey Sagal), Locke’s ex-lovah, will be appearing on tonight’s episode as well as Rose and someone whose character is named “Lynn Karnoff.” Scratch that, Lostpedia tells me that Lynn Karnoff is: “a woman who poses as a fortune-teller in the Season 3 episode Tricia Tanaka Is Dead.” She was the one who initially told Hurley that his curse could be lifted, but after Hurley offers her $10,000 for the truth, she admits that his dad put him up to it. Wonder where she will fit in…


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