what kate does: sneak peeks

Monday mornings are always brutal on one’s spirit, especially after a Superbowl party that involved an obnoxious ignoramus yelling in one’s ear about how he lost $1,000 on one of his boxes. However, for the next sixteen weeks of my life, Mondays will be ever-so-softened by the fact that a new episode of LOST is just around the corner. Seventeen weeks from now, I will be weeping from Monday through the rest of the week as LOST will be over forever. For the time being however, Mondays have become that much more glorious.

 Speaking of the Superbowl, did anyone catch the many (aka two) LOST-themed Bud Light commercials? Bud Light totally has the hots for LOST, and with Dr. Marvin Candle (aka Mark Wickman aka Pierre Chang) back in a lab coat, can you disagree?

 Dr Marvin Candle Commercial – Can I mention that I shouted “OH MY GOD THAT WAS DR. MARVIN CANDLE!” in a room full of people when this aired?

“Stranded” Commercial. I particularly enjoyed how they tried to get people to look like some of the characters. 

Below I’ve embedded the two sneak peeks for tomorrow’s episode, “What Kate Does.” IMDB has listed episode titles for the next five or so, but I haven’t had time to confirm these, so I’ll write back later with the low-down. In the meantime, enjoy these two clips, which reveal Claire’s physical status in the reboot and reiterate some questions we have about Sayid’s physical status in the “present day” storyline. One thing I can confirm about Sayid’s physical status: his flowing locks are still flowing; his sex-appeal is in tact.

 Sneak Peek 1: “Give me your purse!”

 Sneak Peek 2: “You have a few questions? Well so do we.”

 One more: here is the CTV promo for the episode.


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