happy LOST day!!!

WE HAVE TO GO BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

and today we shall.

as you MUST KNOW, tonight is the premiere of the final season of LOST. i have been posting on my twitter account about the Previously on LOST party at the Bell House in Brooklyn. at first, i was a slow poke and unable to get tickets.

THEN IT BECAME MY DESTINY to get a ticket as i won one! however, one of my bestest amigas was not able to get one. i am desperate for a ticket to the show — i will move the island if i have to! anyone with any leads, leave a message in the comments.

in any case, i will be live blogging on my twitter account, so feel free to watch my 2+ hour long freakout and come back here to check my post-ep analysis.


UPDATE:  going to the party, no extra ticket, but as jl would say — IT’S OUR DESTINY.


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