what a croc!

along with many, many, MANY things that happened last night (many of which still have me reeling — locke 2.0, much), one thing that can be confirmed is that more of the four-toed statue is revealed. we’ve viewed him from the back and the profile and i’m hoping that sometime we might get a frontal view.

it is widely believed that our four-toed friend is the egyptian god sobek who is half-alligator, half-man. some sects believe sobek was the creator from the world and that he emerged from the “dark water.” cities in ancient egypt where water was important were particularly devoted to sobek, with one city even earning the nickname “crocodilopolis” (i’m there). this is what we saw last night:

jacob chomp chomp chomp

jacob chomp chomp chomp

here is a photo of an ancient sculpture of King Amenhotep with the god, Sobek:
hello, friend!

hello, friend!

(there is a better quality image of this statue over at artstor if you click the link above). this statue seems to be a good parallel for the mythology we saw last night; a god gently guiding a king. (reminds me of, perhaps, what ben may have experienced in the temple. jacob’s response to whiny ben was “what about you?” but maybe it was more of an existential question than a rebuff. it seems very possible that ben and jacob were once in communion with each other — when his “innocence was lost” in the temple — and perhaps they will be again).
more general information on this god, followed by links for further reading.
certainly plays into the whole good or bad theme, non?
“Sobek (also known as Sebek, Sebek-Ra, Sobeq, Suchos, Sobki, and Soknopais) was the ancient god of crocodiles. He is first mentioned in the Pyramid Texts and his worship continued until the Roman period. Some sects believed that Sobek was the creator of the world who arose from the “Dark Water” and created the order in the universe. Sobek was a god of the Nile who brought fertility to the land. As the “Lord of the Waters” he was thought to have risen from the primeval waters of Nun to create the world and made the Nile from his sweat. One creation myth stated that Sobek laid eggs on the bank of the waters of Nun thus creating the world. However, as well as being a force for creation, he was seen as an unpredictable deity who sometimes allied himself with the forces of Chaos. Sobek first appeared in the Old Kingdom as the son of Neith with the epithet “The Rager”. According to some myths his father was Set, the god of thunder and chaos, but he also had a close association with Horus.”

more info at: http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/sobek.htm 


2 Responses to “what a croc!”

  1. krankor Says:

    I still think it’s Taweret. The ankh and ears are big reasons why.

  2. krankor Says:

    aaand I just found a picture of sobek holding an ankh.


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