the incident: spoiler-ish scooplets

okay, mes amis, le temps est venu: the finale of season 5 is tonight. in order to prepare yourself for the 2 hour (I just typed 12 hour – IMAGINE THAT!) finale that starts at 9PM tonight, i’ve gathered little tid-bits of information from reliable sources (no big spoilers, I promise!). if you want to be completely surprised, read no further; if you like to be teased (and I know you do), then keep on keepin’ on.


Sneak peeks and guest star list to come…

 From darlton:

at star trek premiere (side note: SEE STAR TREK. you shall love it. it is so very LOST-esque – with lindelof as exec producer, what else would you expect – from the bending of time-space to even the titles used to identify time and location. i’ve begun to think that jj abrams is actually from the future):

“All I will say is that it is time for the time travel craziness to end,” he said. “And once it does end, something very, very surprising will happen in its wake. It is a little bit of a game-changer.”


in an interview with lostpedia (full transcript here):

 “When you talk about the final scene of the series Lost, versus what is a season finale, I think the idea that normally those code names scenes are associated with big twists or suprises or shocks. We dont want to imply that the last scene of the series is going to be a game changer, like a snow globe, or somebody waking up from a dream, or a close up of the dog’s eye, you know, all of those things… We might just go without a code name for the final year. We’re gonna be purposefully cagey about that. Obviously, we reached out to the fans this year and gave them an opportunity to name the Season Five code scene and when they came up with ‘The Fork in the Outlet’ and voted on such, we feel like they did a very nice job.”


in an interview with (full interview here):

BE: At least two people belligerently demanded to know the whereabouts of Rose and Bernard.

DL: That is an excellent question, and in addition to “where is Vincent,” it’s probably the question that we get asked most about the show. And, “Where’s Faraday, and why aren’t any of the other characters asking about his whereabouts?”

BE: That was next on my list.

DL: I figured. (Laughs) Suffice it to say that the whereabouts of all of these characters will be addressed very specifically in the coming weeks.

BE: So prior to, or at least during, the season finale?

DL: Yes. Within Season 5, the whereabouts of all of those characters will either be discussed or determined.


BE: Will we be seeing more of the statue before the end of the season?

DL: (Hesitates) Before the end of the series, right, Carlton?

CC: Uh…we will see it before the end of the series.


BE: There’s much talk on the ‘net about a death which will “rock the fans the way Charlie’s demise did.”

DL: That certainly wasn’t a quote by either of us.

BE: No, I believe it was from someone quoting someone else, who was probably unnamed to begin with.

DL: All we’ll say is that we don’t really like to talk about characters deaths because all of the focus goes to, “Who’s going to live and who’s going to die?” But I’m willing to venture that the online community doesn’t know as much as they think they know about the way that we’re ending this season. Carlton and I have been particularly devious in conjunction with some of the actors, in terms of misleading certain fates. So my guess is that, even by the end of the finale, people will be questioning the veracity of these online postulations. I would not feel comfortable saying anything a death rivaling the impact of Charlie’s.

BE: So does the talk of Mark Pelligrino reportedly playing Jacob fall into the same category?

CC: Y’know, obviously, Mark Pelligrino has been cast on the show, but to start making assumptions about what he’s going to be doing on the show…I think people are getting ahead of themselves. All we can say is that he’s an awesome actor and we’re very excited about him being on the show. But we think people will be surprised at how his character and story unfolds.

DL: I heard that Sir anthony Hopkins was going to be playing Jacob. That’s the rumor I heard.

BE: I’ll see if I can’t keep that going.

DL: Okay. Good luck with that. (Laughs)


In the official lost podcast (May 11, 2009):


 Question: Do you think Jack has been a jerk this season?

 A: I think you’ll want to wait until the end of the season to decide that.


 From Jorge Garcia (Hurley) at Star Trek premiere:

 “People will find out why [Hurley] got on the plane and how he came to get that guitar case in his hands,” he said. “I’ve been wondering about that, too. I remember at one point asking a question about it and getting a, ‘We don’t know yet.’ I had to ask once, ‘How heavy is it? Is it just a guitar? Is it something else? How heavy is it supposed to be?’ Sometimes I get an empty case to lug around in a scene and sometimes it has a guitar in it, but we don’t actually know what’s in it because that has not been [revealed] yet. It could be a case full of food or money or guns or papers or anything. So you see me get the case by the finale, but I don’t know that we will find out what’s in it. It was hard for me to play because at first I did not understand why Hurley would have ever changed his mind about going back to the island, and I’m sure fans are thinking the same thing. So it will be nice to be able to give them that information.”



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