the last time i saw richard

last night’s episode demonstrated a fundamental truth: double the richard, double the fun! did anyone else have a little “guys, where are we?” moment whenever “follow the leader” jumped imemdiately from 1977 richard alpert to 2007 richard alpert?! it was one time-traveling tilt-a-whirl that i did not want to get off.

and while i still want to trust the island’s most long-standing employee, last night’s episode planted seeds of doubt in my mind. in the past, i had wondered why richard wasn’t the leader of the others, being all unaging and omniscent and all.  and while not everyone possesses leadership qualities (varying degrees of which were on display last night; look for a post on this topic in the near future),  RA seems to have the presence of mind to take the reins o’ the other beast (smokey?). so far, he has (seemingly) been content to stand at the sidelines and let ben and locke make their own foolish decisions. perhaps richard once sold his soul to the island in order for redemption and now must be its servent forever? a stranded black rock pirate on the isle of mystery, looking to plunder its secrets? an egyptian polytheist who has achieved eternal life? crime-fighter in spandex?

this is the most amazing thing i have ever seen

this is the most amazing thing i have ever seen

RICHARD: [To Ben, confidentially] I’m starting to think John Locke is gonna be trouble.

BEN: Why do you think I tried to kill him?

something about those lines makes me think that alpert has something up his sleeve. something big.

i shall hold a candelight vigil until we get a richard flashback.


One Response to “the last time i saw richard”

  1. RAWR that is a SWEET photo! although i think i need a purell shower now…

    i liked the look of surprise on richard’s face when locke showed up. i wonder if, as for eloise, he’s known everything BUT this was going to happen — because he’d presumably have the same info she did.

    i just wonder why eloise brought daniel back? good? evil? island told her? is she with or against widmore? ‘love is complicated’ was also a great, enigmatic richard line.

    holy crap on a stick, i’m gonna miss this show til next year. and i don’t even want to think about it being the last season then. denial. denial.

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