he’s had that job for a very long time

okay, dharmites, get out your inhalers. there are — count ’em — no less than SIX SNEAK PEEKS for season 5’s penultimate episode, “follow the leader.” having watched them all, i’ve probably seen about 15% of tonight’s episode already. for me: this is a good thing, as i fear some impending plans may interfere with my watching lost on time. those of you who know me know that i consider not watching live a sacriliege (note that i once left a pub crawl to watch lost and continued the crawl only after lost was over), but tonight is unavoidable. destiny, among other things, is a fickle bitch.

now, you might not want to watch all 6. having only 85% of lost to look forward to might put a damper on tonight’s proceedings, so i’ll list all six below, with my top three choices for key viewing. although i must say that each of these clips gives us a glimpse into virtually all of the various storylines that have been crossing each other all season and the sense of all events coming to a head is palpable; a mist of finale is in the air. taste it; sniff it; love it. needless to say i am very much looking forward to tonight — here’s to hoping that i won’t be glaring at “follow the leader” through bleary eyes at 6 AM tomorow.

top sneak preeks for “follow the leader”: watch these, skip the others (if you wish).

you need to know… i know:



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