another by an “other” mother

i think, lostfans, that i may be cursed. as soon as i declare my love for tiny cake faraday, his mom (in the past) shoots him, as is her destiny. don’t you hate when that happens?

why, jack, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!

why, jack, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!

curse aside, friends, i must confess that i am very sad about the passing of my dear dr. twitchy (as sawyer called him). entertainment weekly spoiler columnist michael ausiello has called for two deaths at the end of lost’s 5th season, “one major and one major-ish.” and while df may be major to me, i fear who the major-minus-the-ish death coming up might be. considering that she’s been cast in the abc fall pilot, v, i greatlyfear for the future of juliet. just when i’ve gotten all attached to her “screw that freckles crap, this is the code to the fence. now get out my house, homewrecker!” self. then again, i think there was a little meta in “the variable” when dan warned us: “this is our present. anyone can die.” with the warning pointed directly at jack, i’ve put dr. hero complex on my danger list. what danger list? oh, this one:


1. juliet: fall pilot issues aside, i fear that juliet has reached a standstill. other woman, “other” woman, deliverer of babes (including one ETHAN ROM — other man), sawyer’s personal support system, mechanic — the woman has served many roles. however, should daniel’s “variable” plan succeed (more on that below), how would that make her life any better? if the plane doesn’t crash, she is still with the others, still hounded by creeper ben, still playing mistress lady to goodwin, still feeling like the angel of death for dharma moms and their babes. in other words: it would suck. hard. and while i would like to see her and sawyer work things out and end up as the adam and eve in the cave, i think she may either become a “sacrifice the island has demanded.” OR, and here’s an interesting thought (inspired by the black rock podcast), juliet JOINS the others that she was once a part of. “screw you, assholes, i’m going native.” not so likely, i know, but, still, an intriguing prospect.

2. jack: isn’t is shocking to think of a lost without jack shepherd? well, in case you didn’t know (unlikely), in the original pilot, the good doc was killed leaving none other than kate to lead the losties. imagine that? “uhh, there’s a problem? let’s go inappropriately make out with someone and then run, shall we?” but i digress. as stated above, daniel faraday warned us that anyone could die, time travel be darned! and while i think it is mostly unlikely that we’ll lose the “central hero” of the show (although i will argue that locke is the true hero), i am looking forward to some big shocks before the season’s out. come on lost, bring us one of those michael-popping-a-cap-in-ana-lucia-AND-libby moments, because i feel like a lot of this season’s big reveals (e.g. miles/dan is chang’s/widmore’s son) have been fairly predictable. give me a monkey wrench, a flash-forward, a disappearing island, a JACK DEATH! he’s lost so much of his mojo anyway, imagine if he goes out in a blaze of glory and sacrifice! comeback!

3. sayid: speaking of characters that have lost their mojo (or, rather, lost their marbles)… while sayid’s character, which had been fairly stagnant in recently, received a boost with the 06 and shooting-baby-ben plotlines, him shooting the mini manipulator and running off into the jungle like a loon only served to remind us that we’re not too sure where he’s going — both “where he’s running to” and in regards to his character development. nadia is dead; he worked for ben, quit, and redeemed himself, but is somehow back on the isle of mystery; he shot child ben and now is stuck in the past with no resources. “he’s our you” seemed to clear up a lot of the gaps in sayid’s story, which, we know is the kiss of death. the character himself said “now i know my purpose.” and now that that purpose is fulfilled, will he be a goner?

[one of the most head scratching things about lost is how close together dramatic events are and how easily the characters forget that these events have just occurred. the amount of time that the 05 have spent back on the island? 4 DAYS. in that time they faked an arrival, got to work, sayid was arrested, interrogated, and shot baby ben, kate and jack took baby ben to the others, dan tried to convince chang to drop an h-bomb, sawyer shot phil, dan was shot and killed by his mother and warned charlotte, radzinsky and crew opened fire on df and crew. and hurley had time to work on “the empire strikes back.” nah mean? i know faraday is convinced that he can change time and that’s sort of preoccupying everyone, but, HELLO! YOUNG BEN IS STILL MISSING FOR GOD SAKES. goodspeed, get on this ish!]

that being said, no one seems to be questioning where sayid is. i mean, I AM, YOU PROBABLY ARE, but, then again, he might be having a brewsky with rose and bernard and vincent.

if you have any theories as to who the “major death” will be, leave them in the comments section.

on to that wacky physicist and his messed-up parental situation. TWIST! (30 rock, anyone?): e. hawking knew her whole life that she would shoot her child. finally, lost gives some major props to deadbeat moms instead of deadbeat dads. gooooo deadbeat moms! then again, his dad, as we learned in “the variable”, is charles widmore (making penny and dan, like jack and claire, half-siblings. this comparison is actually kind of interesting: half-children of widmore and christian collide without knowing they share the same genes. who else could be related? does this signify anything?).

in sum: hawking  + widmore = faraday. i’m surprised he turned out so relatively normal. (ps was he born on the island? is baby him running around the jungle? did young dan and young charlotte meet once? when did he leave the island? why does he speak with an american accent if both ‘rents are brits?! QUESTIONS). i guess for faraday, all things are RELATIVE. you know, physics? (could not resist the pun; my apologies). after all, mommy didn’t want young dan to “make [his] own type of music, sing his own special song” — his destiny was elsewhere. it could be easy to argue that hawking wants daniel to change the past, so that she doesn’t end up killing her beloved offspring, which is why she pushes him so hard. but it is perhaps equally as likely that she knows “whatever happened, happened” and that she must shoot him because that is what time, that wily bitch, dictates.

one point on hawking’s guidance: did it seem like a huge missed opportuntiy to anyone else that the diary she gives dan at his graduation is blank? *minus the inscription — which is important, because i think that will serve as jack and kate’s proof that dan was being straight with mommy shoots-a-lot. YET — if the diary was from the future, it would explain how daniel knows that “in 4 hours” everything will go ka-blooey. this point has really stuck with me and while dan may be dead (i see no temple conversions in his future), i think we’re going to need to find out how he acquired this knowledge. whether he gained it by time travelling in his experiments and wrote it down in his notebook, whether he was briefed on the freighter (2ndary protocol?) or he has lived this day before. it needs to be established. i would also like to see him go to ann arbor, as the company i work for has an office there and every wednesday i am more and more convinced that i work for a branch of the dharma initiative.

anyway, i could blather in this haphazard manner for hours.  my bottom line on “the variable”:

despite daniel’s displayed hope that the future can be changed (which could have been an act to get action jack back on the scene), WHATEVER HAPPENED, HAPPENED. i think “the incident” will be what it has always been: the result of kate and jack et al. trying to “change” the past. but, then again, i’m willing to be totally shocked.

til next week — NAMASTE.


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