the variable: guest stars

i mean, personally, i can’t wait for the long-awaited appearance of “anxious guy.” followed closely by “ER doctor.”

hello, my darling pawns

hello, my darling pawns

  Spencer Allyn Young Daniel Faraday
  Brad Berryhill Anxious Guy
  Nestor Carbonell Richard Alpert
  François Chau Dr. Pierre Chang
  Alan Dale Charles Widmore
  Marvin DeFreitas Young Charlie
  Michael Dempsey Foreman
  Alice Evans Young Eloise Hawking
  Sarah Farooqui Theresa Spencer
  Patrick Fischler Phil
  Fionnula Flanagan Eloise Hawking
  Ariston Green Workman
  Eric Lange Stuart Radzinsky
  Wendy Pearson E.R. Doctor
  Peggy Anne Siegmund Caretaker
  Sonya Walger Penny Widmore

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