i’m… from the future

big episode tonight, friends! tonight marks the 100th episode of lost. congrats on the landmark, guys! here’s a picture of the cake that charm city cakes (of “ace of cakes” fame) made in commemoration of the series’ milestone event:

mmmm hatch computer

mmmm hatch computer

more sweet pictures of this cake (including  josh holloway sinking his teeth into a dharma beer can) can be found here. ps i think i am in love with tiny cake daniel faraday.
hey, speaking of danny f: SNEAK PREEKS. there are three for “the variable”, though the third one is the most quality. the producers have said in their most recent podcast (available on abc.com) that this episode is meant to be a bookend to last season’s “the constant,” although all of you math nerds out there might have guessed that already. from the buzz surrounding df going around (as well as the guest star list, which will be my next post), it looks like we’ll get to see at least some of what he’s been up to, and perhaps a glimpse of him pre-island. so if des is the constand, and dan is the variable, what happens when they come together? what is the solution? is there a solution? more thoughts after tonight’s episode.

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