it’s like back to the future, man!

namaste, amigos!

tonight’s episode should be a doozy. according to doc jensen, the whole mystery surrounding kate and her aaron-related secretiveness will be revealed. also, according to the doc, we just may get to know what sweet nothings sawyer sauce whispered into kate’s ear before he jumped off the chopper. i’m sure these mystery busters will be surrounded by an aura of kate-jack-sawyer-juliet (kackyerliet?) hoo hah.

buuut, no fear longing-gaze-haters! the sneak preeks seem to indicate that this will be a meaty episode, filled with existential questions, like: when will i stop existing (due to the fact that the child version of the person who got us on this plane what recently shot, fatally?) SPOILER FONTED for your safety. in case you didn’t already surmise that.

as usual, the clips are below (my fav is, natch, the last one):


One Response to “it’s like back to the future, man!”

  1. Good stuff. I really enjoyed last night’s episode, especially the time travel debate between Hurley and Miles.

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