looking for swf (spooky white female)

for those of us plebians that don’t have hd, all the hullaballoo about the “woman behind sun in the dharma hut” was a total WHA? moment. (in case you don’t know, the brouhaha here is all about how a blonde-ish woman can be seen lurking in the shadows behind sun in the scene with ghost dad in the orientation hut in “namaste.”) is it claire? is it charlotte? is it SHANNON? IS IT A GHOST OF A CROSS-DRESSING, WIG-WEARING CHARLIE PACE?

it’s probably a production assistant. that’s the side that doc jensen and i are on, at least. take a look for yourself:

no show is perfect — not even lost. that’s why we run into problems with these “easter eggs”; after all, to err is human. unless it really is ghost someone-or-other, then we’re sort of superceding the human.
you be the judy.

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