did richard send you?

hey there lost-ites,

it’s wednesday again (glory be!) and that means more lost. episode 10, “he’s our you” airs at 9/8 et tonight. which means there are only 6 more to go– CURSE YOU TIMEKEEPER! 3 sneak peeks are below, followed by some conjecture:

the last one is, of course, the best. child actor sterling beaumon really seems to get the inherent leeriness of the ben character — a balancing act between ambition and insecurity. also: harry potter. i think tonight we’ll get a glimpse into the old lost question of nature v. nuture — one that real-life philosophers john locke and jean-jacques rousseau were very much interested in. is one born good or evil, or does society’s affect one’s nature? are we tabula rasas, waiting to be written on, or are we molded by “fate”? it seems like tonight we are set-up for the perfect battle here, with two master examples:

sayid jarrah vs. benjamin linus.

sayid, the torturer (explanation of the title “he’s our you” in clip #1) vs. ben the maniupulator. were they made this way or were they born this way? sayid comes to the island with his murderous identity still hanging on to him — until he tortures sawyer and sends him out on walkabout. but notice that sayid always seems to come back to that identity. what tptb (the powers that be, aka the writers/producers) are really echoing in the jail scene are the scenes with sayid’s torturing of ben when he was known as “henry gale.” ben begs sayid not to torture him, but, as you may recall, he comes out looking like this:

the artist formerly known as henry gale

the artist formerly known as henry gale









it appears that sayid is about to get a taste of his own medecine.

also: does it not seem like the ultimate dharma experiment: given the chance, would the 815ers, with all the knowledge of ben’s manipulation, murder a younger version of linus for “the greater good”?

as the nymag recap of namaste says: “so basically, the appropriate plan here is to kill a baby* and a ten-year-old. Go to it, heroes!”

*referring to baby ethan. which, btw, was omigod awesome! so if ethan was born to original dharma, how was he spared from the purge???????!


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