pick a side

in preparation for my thoughts on leadership on this isle of mystery, i would like your input. who would you rather have calling the shots? leave justifications in the comments section.


2 Responses to “pick a side”

  1. Thus far Sawyer is showing a reasonable mix of caution and risk.

    Locke seems a bit overzealous (acting on instinct more than fact) and Jack is overcautious.

    Ben….well, with Ben you never know whose interests he’s serving.

  2. nachopatrol Says:

    My justification is this:

    1. Ben is creepy and evil and always keeping secrets from you
    2. Locke wouldn’t care if you died because you’d just be a sacrifice that the island demanded
    3. Jack…oh poor Jack–get’s no love
    4. Sawyer can take lead if he has to, he’d dedicated to the people around him, and he’s fine as SHIIIIIIT!

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