abbadon was not the only old familiar face to pop up last  night. we have t he return of WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALT! if only for a short period of time. after all, he’s got important priorities involving tyson’s anytizers commercials.

trying to get a post in before work (up early i am!), so i’ll just leave you with this awesome video (which, to give props, i first discoverd via doc jense’s column; i’ve watched it three times since yesterday) and a question:

after all this time, three years away from the island, not speaking to his father, having all those crazy things happen to him: WHY IS WALT SATISFIED WITH A QUICK ‘HELLO, FRIEND NICE TO SEE YOU. KTHANXBYEEEEE” ? wouldn’t he be curious as to how locke got off the island? how everyone is? WHAT ABOUT FUCKING VINCENT?!

that’s it, guys. i’m mad at walt.


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