last week i observed that lost seemed to be working through some season 1 motifs in order to point us to this season’s larger themes.

but now, with 316, not only is lost echoing these moments but REPEATING THEM. we are now seeing a literal replay of events that have already occurred; except this time, the whole shebag has been recasted. it’s LOST: the remix.

i nearly had a heart attack when this was the first image of the episode:

for a moment i thought: is this the pilot again? no it wasn’t.

BUUUUUT — YES IT WAS! to bring daniel’s “skipping record of time” analogy in slightly more modern terms, it was like the cassette tape had been forwarded so much that it skipped right back to the beginning. the show opens; jack’s eye opens; the mystery of “where are we?” begins.

(notice also that some of the scenes here looked almost exactly the same: e.g. jack drinking at the bar in “316” vs. jack drinking at the bar in “exodus.”)

but this time around, things aren’t so cheery. i felt like there was a certain heaviess about this episode. there is something cruelly absurd and dark about these characters having to go through a reenactment of the traumatic experience. when kate said, “we may all be here, but we’re not together” i got a chill. it was like an inverse of jack’s repeated mantra “live together, die alone.” the bonds that made these characters find the will to survive have been completely corroded. the oceanic 6 are now just bare bones, shells of their former selves, going back to the island willingly but not happily.

perplexing, of course, is the notion that they have to go through this weird play-act in the first place. if the island is visible for a moment, why not sail there? take a ferry to the island? take a private jet? why ajira airways? why go through the trouble of a commercial airliner that will attract attention? although 316 seems to be suggesting to us that the plane itself may not have crashed, i’m not totally sold on this whole “proxy” business.

but, putting that whole doubt thing aside (after all, st. thomas could never live his down), if by flying on this ajira flight, the O6 are recreating the original oceanic crash, who is standing in proxy for whom? what role are they playing in the remix?

buzz from the boards on this subject:

— locke is playing the role of christian shepherd: brought to the island in a box and, apparently, not staying there for long.

— sayid seems to be taking on kate’s position as a prisoner being escorted by a marshall. (notice the male:female ratio stays the same)

— hurley may be channeling his good dead pal charlie with the guitar case (although what is in said case is yet to be seen. nontheless, my money’s on the idea that the deceased driveshafter is the one who tipped hurley off about the plane).

— ben, then, usurps hurley’s role by barely making it on the plane.

— sun becomes rose, who clutches her husband’s wedding ring during the flight.

— kate… well, perhaps she has taken over claire’s role as the pregnant woman. after all, her creepy catatonic-at-one-moment-needing-to-jump-jack’s-bones-at-another episode did lead to those two gettin it on. baby aaron may be MIA, but kate may have her own bun in the oven to deal with.

— which leaves jack, who is… is… well that one is up for debate. he could be john locke, a man of faith. he could be sawyer, carrying a loaded letter. or maybe he is the constant. jack shepherd remains the same. even in the remix, he wakes up exactly where he was last time and starts the journey all over again.


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