indiana jones and the temple of the HOLY CRAP IT’S CHARLES WIDMORE

how interesting that i put so much focus on the fact that soldier boy was named jones, when in fact he is named… WIDMORE.

although, 2breal, one may have seen that coming. doc jensen teased the shit out of it with this morning’s column and i am beginning to think he has gone off the deep end.  ms. andiface thought his thoughts on the word “jughead” and archie comics were off in brain-sploding territory… i think he’s just a bit tickled with himself. and wayyy too full of spoilers. reg’lar people don’t want that ish out yo’ entertainment weekly column. you go to spoiler-tv for that shit.

doc jensen rant over.

i’m still getting my thoughts together at this mo, but to get the juices flowing, i want everyone to think about richard alpert… his eyeliner; his timeless wardrobe choices; and THE FACT THAT HE DIDN’T SEEM TO UNDERSTAND TIME TRAVEL.

shit, yo. even i don't know what's going on.

and i thought he was the all-knowing being! a personification of the island manifested in a man… a man who may be wearing mascara.


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