“the rules”

it’s the morning after and the boards are, of course, buzzing about last night’s ep.

not time for commentary, but i’ll be pointnig you in the direction of some interesting threads.

“The Rules” on The Fuselage: http://forum.thefuselage.com/showthread.php?t=105507&page=1

Discussion of what rules govern these “skips” in the record of time. john, the 815ers (aka the Left Behinds) and juliet (interesting as she was an “other” at one point”) keep flashing, but richard and the others do not appear to be doing so, although we can’t confirm that they are not.
Here’s a summary post of some of the ideas floating around:
Originally Posted by Cardielost
Here’s the crucial thing to remember so as not to get all confused about time travel: those who are traveling are not becoming who they were or will be at whatever time they land. From their perspective they are simply living out their lives one minute, hour and day at a time. If Sawyer is, say 38 when the island vanishes, once 24 hours from his perspective have passed, he is 38 and a day. It doesn’t matter whether during those 24 hours he went back 20 years or forward twenty years. From the perspective of stationary characters, these intrusions into the past by the travelers are always part of their pasts, but from the perspective of the travelers, they only happen once the jump has been made. Therefore Locke had no idea that he had told Richard about being shot by Ethan, because the jump after which he tells Richard hasn’t happened to him yet. But Richard is stationary, and what he remembers is meeting Locke in the past, not knowing who the hell he is, and then Locke giving him a compass and telling him about being shot in 2004, as well as the rest of their history together.


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